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Funkmaster Flex and Big Kap f Mary J. Bl

  • Confrontation

    [Kap] Funk Flex, Big Kap Mary J, Def Jam, let`s go 1 – [Mary J. Blige] Confrontation, confrontation Confrontation, confrontation Confrontation, confrontation Confrontation, confrontation [Mary J.

Jedi Mind Tricks f Tragedy Khadafi

  • Genghis Khan

    * send corrections directly to this typist [Tragedy Khadafi] You about to witness a two five Jedi Minds collabo You know what I mean? The God Jus Allah [Jus Allah] Megatraum is a Martian feeding off weed and cash I dash for my shipment of Roswell ...


  • Cagna

    Sono una cagna cosм a ha cosм mi va
    Sono rabbiosa si sa mi difendo cosм
    E penso solo per me cosм si dice eh
    Ti scarico se mi va se non mi servi piщ

    Magica cagna ah
    Perfida cagna ah
    Magica cagna ah

Александр Генкин

  • На смерть Евгения Клячкина

    Александр Генкин

    Очень трудно еврею во все времена,

    Хоть умри, не стареет перед всеми вина,

    Среди древних поверий совместимы с трудом

    Свет прапрадедов веры и отеческий дом.<...

Funkmaster Flex f Cormega

  • Cormega Freestyle

    Intro: Yeah you kow what time it is A-yo Mega Montana drama is my cod of honor Fuck a vest I wear my coat of armor I`m a ghetto soldier throwin` hollows In God we trust through the knowledge as follows My Firm multiple dollars I know you wish I was s...

J.D. f Mase and Lil` Kim

  • You Get Dealt Wit

    Mase [talking]: Just show me the Bounce J, once I get the bounce, I`mma be good. Niggas gon` hate me I get that. Then I`ll have everything J.D.

One Cool Guy

  • Be With You

    As I sit and look in the passenger seat, I sit and wonder how did we first meet. But now I driving down the road on a beautiful day, To bad that gas tanks on E . I love your walk.


  • Breathe

    They have destoyed your whole life Ever since you were born they`ve Dragged you down They have decided that you wont Have a chance in this shitty world not knowing what`s on the outside Can`t understand right or wrong Breathe in...

Enanitos Verdes

  • Pican Los Mosquitos

    Pican pican los mosquitos
    pican con gran disimulo
    unos pican en la cara
    y otros pican en el...

    Cuando fui a la colina
    me dijeron cuerpo a tierra
    como no les hice caso
    me mandaron a la...

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