Sweetshop Avengerz — текст песни (bis)

Got no gaps in yr teeth? you must be happy.

Cola bottles, sugar coated.

Weve had sugar to eat, dont try and stop me.

Flying saucers filled with sherbet.

We want the right to eat sweets without yr frowning.

Dont tell us what we cant do now.

And we see the powers that be in sugar, drowning.

Ten pee mixture for the way home.

This is an advertisement

Hey! make way for the sweet shop avengerz.

So make the sweet adjustment

A-okay! were the sweet shop avengerz.

Never too old to eat sweets, unless you feel it.

Chocolate mice with strawberry centre.

Reclaim the rights to rot teeth, you know you need it.

Candy shrimps, theyre foamy inside.

Its not a crime to be seen sucking a lolly.

Vampire sweets that stick to your teeth.

And its hardly obscene to fill yr trolley.

Ten pee mixture for the way home.

This is an advertisement...etc.

Kneejerk! its a sugar fascination

Kneejerk! that infects the teen-c nation

Kneejerk! but we love the sweet sensation

Kneejerk! as it rots the population!

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