Please Don`t Ask About Barbara — текст песни (Vee Bobby)

-peak Billboard position # 15 in 1962
-Words and Music by Bill Buchanan and Jack Keller
Please don`t ask about Barbara
Don`t ask me if she`s found somebody new
`cause I would try to smile but in a little while
My tears would show and then you`d know it`s true
Please don`t ask about Barbara
The hurt will bring the teardrops to my eyes
Though I would pretend that now she`s just a friend
You`d look at me and see right through the lies
Tears, tears, go away, come again another day
How can I hide this pain I feel inside
When little teardrops give my heart away?
Don`t you ever tell Barbara
I`d rather die than let her know I`m cryin`
Let her run around until the day she`s found
She needs me back again but this I ask till then
Please don`t ask about Barbara

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