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Bekker Hennie

  • Call Of The Dolphin

    Now is the time, time for a change Towards the light, to rearrange All of our thinking towards a plan, To unite in spirit every woman and man, Think of the children, think of their needs, Love and understanding, the power of being...


  • Edge Of The World

    Sometimes I feel like a twig floating down a stream
    Don`t know where it`s going
    Don`t know what it means
    And that stream always ends up at the sea
    And it`s strange, as this is where I wanna be
    And I know I`ll find t...

Bel Biv Demoe

  • Do Me

    Take a good look at me Tell me do you like what you see Do you think you can Do you think you can do me Kiss me pretty baby And touch me all over Girl what makes you think you can do me Do you think you can do me girl? Do me baby...

Kenny GAaron Neville

  • Even If My Heart Would Break

    I`ve beenaround this world I`ve been a lot of places Seen a million faces In a thousand towns But when I looked into your eyes I knew I found Heaven And I`ve been wantin` to tell you I never wanna let you go It may be winter & heat...


  • All For This

    I come from nowhere I was nowhere bound never once believed this was my restin` ground but somewhere between here and that rest I heard ya callin` my name All for this, I have traveled All for this, I have roamed All for this, I h...

Supreme Beings of Leisure

  • Aint Got Nothin

    Nice clean sheets and a made up bed I sleep with a book written in my head Late night calls to nowhere And no one answers back Ive got nothing but blues for you See I aint got nothing If I aint got blues Ive got nothing...

DJ Speedo

  • Aserejй

    ft. Wildside



    Ah na na na na na na na na na na na
    Ah na na na na na na na na na na naw
    Ah na na na na na na n...

Pray for the Soul of Betty

  • Sylvan

    The woods are oh so dangerous
    Don’t you wander off in them
    Let me take you by the hand
    And show you
    The way…

    To fear

    Trippin’ over myself
    Flying, no thanks to wealth
    Feeling ev...

Supreme Majesty

  • By Your Side

    A tear is trailing down As raindrops are falling from the sky The grief, heavy on your soul Your thoughts, just keep on asking why Each breath lasts eternally With pain and with hunger unfulfilled You`re trying to reach out Remem...

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