Bust Dat Ass — текст песни (King Tee f Tha Alkaholiks)

King Tee:
I`m the man that`ll bust dat ass, I`m the man that`ll bust dat ass

Naw, I`m the man that`ll bust dat ass, I`m the man that`ll bust dat ass
(say what?!)

Naw nigga, I`m the man that`ll bust dat ass, I`m the man that`ll bust dat

I`m the man that`ll bust dat ass, I`m that man that`ll bust dat ass

King Tee talking:
Yo check this out. This is Tha Alkaholik crew. E-Swift didn`t they say it
couldn`t be done? They said King Tee couldn`t bring out the Alkaholik crew
(but we doin` it). Yo, it`s the fresh shit. The dope shit for 1993. Tha
Alkaholik crew. I`m gonna bust out like this, here we go, come on.

King Tee:
Now bust it, I`m a try to freak it with the drums
Alkaholik funk, bass for the trunk
And I`m kinda crazy, stupid and hey I can do the nasty and drink like a
I`m real smooth, free from germs
Even walk away when my homie smokin` sherm
Cause this is how I kick it, hoes got to lick it
It`s Tha Alkaholiks and J-Ro is wicked
E-Swifts mad, cause he Got It Bad
King Tees phat and I sport a blue rag
For the little whips and the honey dips
It`s gang truece so I put away the clips
Baby baby baby I might flip
Got to get it on, let my backbone slip
If I fall back then give me some gas
If you try to play me I`ll bust dat ass

Hook (x4)

Put the mic down clown, you can`t get down
Jump around stage like your name was Charlie Brown
When the kid is played out your rap record is finished
Deminish, you couldn`t come strong if you ate a gang of spinish
Popeye, you could never drop by, you can never stop by
Cause you can never top I
I got to hold back now I`m out before your turf
Because I want it all like the nigger Greedy Smurf
It`s time to scoop the wack up, E-Swift bring the track up (alright)
Punk you better pack up, cause the unit got my back up
You`re a mic stand, got a steady woman
But I been in more sheets than the Klu Klux Klan
I`m the J to the Ro, and I want to make it clear
That you`re rappin` like a queer so why don`t you get on out of here
With the alley cat coat wearin` Hush Puppy shoes
? seen you with (punk you ain`t shit!)
King Tee and the Liks blowin` up like gas
I bend your rhyme over, I bend your rhyme over
I bend your rhyme over, I bend your rhyme over
I bend your rhyme over, then I bust dat ass

Hook (x4)

Tha Alkaholiks, Tha Alkaholiks, I`m drunk, I`m drunk, Tha Alkaholiks.
Straight for 93. Rippin` shit up. Tha Alkaholik , now you join E-Swift


I fiend to get busy like a bee, check 1,2,3!
E-Swift and Tha Alkaholik crew with King Tee (baby)
Bangin` niggas out the box, drink my scotch on the rocks
And I`m makin` more hits than the motherfuckin` cops
I`m kickin` lines like Tyson kickin` ass
Niggas can`t laugh, I put your neck in a cast (whoa)
Yes, Im the man with the skills to talk shit
And I`m back by the crew that none of y`all can get with
So back to the lab to fix your demo
Or get played like Sega or Nintendo
Simple as that, give me a beat that`s phat
And watch a nigga jump on a motherfucker like cheese on a rat
It`s strickly, dirty underground ass funk
That`s busting out the weak 15`s in your trunk
So don`t be scared, be prepared when it hits
The average motherfucker can`t hand with the Liks

Hook (x4)

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