On Horseback — текст песни (Mike Oldfield)

I like beer, and I like cheese

I like the smell of a westerly breeze

But what I like more than all of these

Is to be on horseback.

[ chorus ]

Hey and away we go

Through the grass, across the snow

Big brown beastie, big brown face

Id rather be with you than flying through space.

I like thunder, and I like rain

And open fires, and roaring flames.

But if the thunders in my brain,

Id like to be on horseback.

Some like the city, some the noise

Some make chaos, and others, toys.

But if I was to have the choice,

Id rather be on horseback.

[ repeat chorus ]

Some find it strange to be here,

On this small planet, and who knows where.

But when its strange and full of fear,

Its nice to be on horseback.

Some are short, and others tall,

Some hit their heads against the wall.

But it doesnt really matter at all,

When you happen to be on horseback.

[ repeat chorus ]

So if you you feel a little glum,

To hergest ridge you should come.

In summer, winter, rain or sun,

Its good to be on horseback.


[ repeat chorus ]

[ repeat chorus ]

Id rather be on horseback.

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