Divine — текст песни (Korn)

I hide, only to defy you
Take away the only love inside you
I see the face through everyone
Inside I`ve just begun!
You think I`m out to scare you
I`m only out to prepare you for when you stop and turn around
Your body`s going down!

You`re gonna waste your time,
Your life will soon be mine,
You`re definitely one of a kind, and
You`re suffering `cause of me it`s divine

Tell me why you never liked me
Tell me why it is you fight me [Tell me why, so you`ll fight me]
Pull down and wait for the perfect time to take what`s rightfully mine
You think they`re dumb to defy me
You said you don`t want to defy me
-You wait, to dumb run anyone [...you don`t want anyone]
Oh well . . .

You know what, Fuck you!
I`m fed up with you!
I`m not as good as you?!
Fuck no! I`m better than you!

Did you really think you`d beat me at my own game?!
You try to see what you got
Me ripping at your brain!

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