Care For Me — текст песни (Az Yet)

Looking in your eyes
It`s written on your face
I can read your mind
You felt the same as me, baby, girl it`s
Time you face the truth
You`re in love with me
And I think it`s time that you came around

Girl you care for me
Like I care for you
And you think of me all the time
Girl you want from me
What I want from you
And you drea of me every night

There`s nowhere you can run
Nowhere you can hide
Can`t you feel it girl
You`re running outta time, baby, girl it`s
Nothing but your fate
You`re supposed to be with me
So start acting like you`re my baby, girl


It`s really not good for you to
Denry the feelings deep inside you
You`re really overdure, you need to open up
Truly girl, it`s time for you to
Come to therms with what`s inside you
This ain`t no time to run away from love


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