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Jilted John

  • bazs party

    From: Jeff Higgott BAZ`S PARTY - JILTED JOHN ========================= From the 1978 album True Love Stories D G A I feel really great right now G A The cider flows the music`s loud...

Alice Donut

  • American Fingers (3`40)

    I`ve got a Jackson Pollack tatoo on my ass. Video priest screaming out high mass. Sick little schoolgirls rolling round on my floor. Jehovo witness knocking at my door. Rednecks sucking life from a can.

Bubba Sparxxx, Jadakiss, Timbaland

  • R3: In the `R` We Trust

    [Timbaland] Uh-huh, now what we gonna do Take it from the Eastside.. to the country Ya feel me? Ya feel me? Ya feel me? Tchka-tchka-tchka Check the chorus...

Cadillac Moon

  • Every Dog Has His Day

    (Noyes, Nugent, Santoriello, Hackford) Most of the time I`m just an ordinary man. I don`t care too much about a master plan I`ve got my work to do and I`ve got my places to go.

Jim Brickman

  • Beautiful

    From the Moment I saw you,
    from the moment I looked into your eyes
    there was something about you
    I knew I knew
    that you were once in a life time
    a treasure near impossible to find
    and I know how lucky I am t...


  • Who Could It Be

    Intro: I told my baby not to wake me Not even for a cup of tea Chorus Who could it be now Who could it be now Who could it be now Knocking on the rastaman`s door Verse 1 I`ve got to get myself away And find me a place ...

Dark At Dawn

  • (A Sleep) In A Watery Red

    NightВґs fallen, fleshВґs calling spilling in the flood some tears of blood and agony There on the beach lying wasting and staining the sands of time indifferently Stranded on the shores of life The fishВґs kiss - it still r...


  • 13 Victims

    13 slut`s deep inside the ground scattered remain`s never to be found victimes of my black axe raped and murderd raptured inside skull eyes weep tears of blood naked sacrificed dead stole their soul`s blackest of night power stole...

mountain blue

  • blue canoe

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