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Disturbing Tha Peace

  • Big Chain Records (Skit)

    Ludacris (MC Medallian) whispers: Man, i cant belive this.. Whole family bout to get kiced out on the strets. I aint got no money, God. Man its gonna get worse.

Jeff Bates

  • Country Enough

    If you hear it on the radio and don`t turn it up It `aint country enough Six presets on the stereo in my new truck Five other buttons that I don`t ever wanna touch Some other station`s playin` some other junk That folks don`...

Nicole Ray f Missy, Mocha, Timbaland

  • Make It Hot

    [Mocha] But uh anyway You could catch me any day Sipping Hennessey And my peeps get plenty way But anyways, to see that I hold this dough Cats fake it I made it I told you so Mocca late kid We no play Stress free, sexy and my Tico bag It’s a pity that...


  • A Gangster and a Gentleman

    [Styles talking] Yes, pay full attention This is for gangstas, this is for gentlemen There`s two kind of people out there I happen to be the boss type I`m a product of my environment Blame the streets, I am what they made me [Styles - Verse One] My po...

The Streets

  • Blinded by the light

    That’s The One, Oy How Did He Not Find The Baggy, With His Hand In My Shoe? Way Too Close For Me, Ah Well At Least They Allowed Me Through.


  • (K)now F(orever)

    Frozen moments in time,
    Stopped hourglass,
    They predicate, what you will know,
    Dispositions lie within,
    And so do we,
    Don`t want to run.
    Don`t want to hide,
    Renounce the prayers for inspiration,

Slick Rick

  • 2 Way Street

    Well I shot some there, then I copped some beer And did a show up in West Bubblefuck somewhere Due to raps wider ratio, satellites to Nato Hillbilly draws flew on the stage like tomatoes Apparently more mack than I thought Unfortunately wife piece back...

Tha Liks (Alkaholiks)

  • Best U Can

    We know the fuck y`all really want Y`all want us.. right, right? [Tash] Let`s get it pumped up, pumpin, the jump-off to jumpin Aiyyo I`m lookin in your eyes you look a little drunkin pumpkin You buzzin? Oh really, you faded kinda early These my homeb...

Babel Fish

  • Boyscout Without Eyes

    Turning in my sleep Searching for the dream That will expose me Am I the one I seem When I awake I realize I am in alien disguise Like a boyscout without eyes Nobody told me Son, you`re on your own Now I`m bewildered Collectively alone I try to give f...

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