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Kane & Able

  • 3/2 Murder 1


    3 2 Murder 1 lyric at your door
    3 2 Murder 1 lyric at your door
    6 million ways to die so I chose
    3 2 murder 1 lyric at your door

    Verse 1 (Kane)

    Lyrical buckshots to gangsta hip-ho...

Steve Winwood

  • (Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired

    Sometimes I feel so uninspired Sometimes I feel like giving up Sometimes I feel so very tired Sometimes I feel like I`ve had enough Sometimes you feel like you`ve been hired Sometimes you feel like you`ve been bought Sometimes you...

C. Porter

  • Satin Doll

    Cigaretteholder which winks me over my shoulder he digs me out kitty mioau Satin Doll Baby shall we go out skipping having amigo you`re flipping speaks Latin amo y mas Satin Doll Well I`m nobody`s fool So I`m playing it cool as ...


  • Could You Ever

    Please forgive what I said all my words I regret hope you never ever let go now I know I needed you so Tears are drowning my heart I need you to tell me tell me baby......

Big Daddy Kane f Scoob Lover

  • Long Live the Kane

    Yo, on the M-I-C right about now, I go by the name of Big Daddy Kane. I got my man Scoob Lover on the side of me, DJ Mister Cee on the wheels of steel, Dre on the film and Marley on the boards.

Daphne and Celeste

  • Hey Boy

    Hey boy I been watchin` you Hey boy - I like the way ya look The things ya do Hey boy I been watchin` ya too Stand in line - get behind I`m tellin` you See that boy he`s gonna be mine Do-Doop Do-doop Do-Doop Do-doop Do-Doop Do-do...

Rodney Carrington

  • Dancing With A Man

    I saw her sittin` in a barroom in that smokey atmosphere She smiled back at me as I drank down one last beer She pulled me on the dancefloor and we danced a song or two It was then I realized that I had bit off more than I could c...

B2K f P. Diddy

  • Bump, Bump, Bump

    [Intro: P.Diddy + (B2K)] We sendin` this one out To all the ladies all over the world All those sexy mama`s C`mon c`mon and c`mon now As we proceed, to give you what you need (yea) You know I like it when your body go (Bump, bump, bump) Bad Boy, B2K Y...

Bernie Paul

  • Caroline

    Caroline - you are my number one Caroline - your lovin` came so strong When your eyes first met mine - we both knew What was comin` for me and for you Sweet lovin` Caroline you`re to good to be true.

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