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DJ WhooKid f Littles, Mobb Deep

  • Burn Something

    [Prodigy] It`s always somethin` man It`s always somethin` I swear Hey get started son [Havoc] Burn something, I`m stressed ready to hurt something Burn something, I wanna zone while I`m merc`n niggas Burn something, gotta get my lungs out the shop Nig...

Jethro Tull

Slick Rick f Nas

  • Me & Nas Bring it to Your Hardest

    Finally, a change from these fake rap artists [Rick] Me and Nas bring it to your hardest Finally, real niggaz that are Billboard charters [Rick] Me and Nas bring it to your hardest [Slick Rick] Skills provide the shows, also fright the foes And when ...

DJ Kayslay f The LOX

  • The Streetsweeper

    [Verse 1 - Styles P] (Sheek Louch) When there`s beef I`ma ride and won`t slide `til I`m debtin you (P swallow your pride), my pride ain`t edible Fuck with my life, I`m stressin your death Cut his guts out, wrap his intestines around his neck You wanna ...

Jackson Browne

  • A Child in These Hills

    I am a child in these hills I am away I am alone I am a child in these hills And looking for water And looking for life Who will show me the river and ask my name? Is there nobody here wholl do that? Well I have come...

Tabithas Secret

  • 3 A.m. (second Version)

    She says it`s cold outside and she hands me my raincoat She`s always worried `bout things like that She says it`s all gonna end and it might as well be my fault She only sleeps when it`s rainin` And she screams -- And her voice is...

Common (Sense)

  • Relativity Urban Assault

    (Yeah, for your nation... for your nation...) Verse One: A bitch nigga wit an attitude named Cube Step to Com wit a feud Now what the fuck I look like dissing a whole coast You ain`t made shit dope since AmeriKKKa`s Most Wanted to cease from the Mid...

Daz Dillinger and JT the Bigga Figga f K

  • Game for Sale

    [Intro] When you make the Kool-Aid You put your own amount of sugar in it Sweet, sweet love to your taste To your own specifications Now tell Kool-Aid, how much you want How much can you flaunt (Tell em` bitch) One scoop or two (Yeah) Sweet, sweet love...

Jack Ingram

  • Beyond My Means

    Livin` beyond my means, don`t know how I`m gonna get by Livin` beyond my means, don`t ya know a man`s got to try Don`t know how it started, all I know is it`s got to end I`ve got a noose around my neck and I don`t know why I foll...

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