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Monty Ballou

  • Storybook Ball

    Up in Mother Goose`s book up in the nursery,
    Simple Simon says I`m feelin` mighty sad
    Said Peter Piper`s daughter,
    So am I, I thing we outhta -
    do somthing that would make the kiddies glad
    Smarty Smarty, said


  • All You Ever Needed

    ( You got me wrong, completely wrong You got me wrong, completely wrong ) I hope you`re happy where you are You`ve been heading there for some time It`snot like you to complain But then it`s not like you imagined life has changed but you shouldn`t do...


  • Timeless Love

    Though we`ll never live this Moment again
    The clock is tickin away in vain
    Time itself has chased us down
    But we`ve tricked it at it`s own Game
    Nothing to keep me from you

    I don`t have to see you everyday

Buckshot f Top Dog Big Kahuna

  • Boom Bye Bye

    [Buckshot] I`m about to be a millionaire Money on the street, like doves Hustlin my lyrics like drugs, I find it bug Muthafuckas always gotta lock the safe, but they don`t do jay But anyway, it`s another day, another dollar to earn, more weed to burn I...

Benzino f Mr. Gzus, Teddy Riley

  • Boottee

    [Teddy Riley] Uh, Check it out Here it goes [Mr. Gzus] Step up in the club, what did I see? B double O double T double E All `round me Duckin the tricks around me Look it`s soft as Downey Never wait for the plug, she found me As I nod to the beat, and...

Benzino f Fabolous, G-Dep

  • Boottee (Remix)

    Check it out, here we go [Fabolous] Yeah, come on - foll ghetto [Benzino] Aiyyo my party people dance to this (Boottee, boottee) [Fabolous] Yeah, uh, come on [Benzino] Party people dance to this (Feel me, feel me) [Fabolous] Uh, uh, uh [Benzino] P...

Baby Bash f Frankie J

  • Suga Suga

    [Intro - Frankie J] So tight, so fly You got me lifted, you got me lifted [Chorus - Frankie J] You got me lifted shifted higher than the ceiling And ooh wee it`s the ultimate feeling You got me lifted feeling so gifted Sugar how you get so fly? Sugar ...

Baby DC f Imajin

  • Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll

    [Imajin] Bounce (yeah), rock, skate (yeah), roll Bounce, rock, skate (ha), roll Bounce [Baby DC] It`s Friday, I had to work all week Keep the cool hip, school, gettin` A`s and B`s Cuz if I came home with an F or a D My momma woulda tripped about the s...

Big Tymers f B.G., Lil Wayne

  • How You Luv That Vol. 2

    [B.G.] Baby gangsta got an A.K. With 50 shots for that ass We play it raw on V.L. If you lame you can`t last No hesitation in my ??? is to blast Any false move will leave a nigga on their back Wodie I`m young but strictly bout my cash Fuck petty check ...

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