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  • Alle meine Entchen

    Alle meine Entchen schwimmen auf dem See, schwimmen auf dem See
    Köpfchen unters Wasser, Schwänzchen in die Hööö
    Köpfchen unters Wasser, Schwänzchen in die Höh!!!!!


Big Ed f C-Murder, Gambino Family, Mac,

  • Shake`m Up

    [Master P] We the worlds biggest click, No Limit niggas we riders The worlds biggest click, No Limit niggas we riders The worlds biggest click, No Limit niggas we riders The worlds biggest click, No Limit niggas we riders [Mac] Nigga ride with me, rid...

Emmylou Harris

  • (Lost His Love) On Our Last Date

    (Floyd Cramer/Conway Twitty) It`s over our love affair Too late now I find I care His sweet love no more I`ll share Now he`s gone I`m alone I was wrong should have known Took me home on our last date I search for a single ...

Scopes Phil

  • Diana

    I was lyin` back on the sand. Just lyin` there in the sun. I wanted to enjoy myself. I wanted to have some fun. Just lyin` there by the ocean thinkin` about good times. I wish I had you next to me, with your hand in mine. Oh...

Robert Pollard

  • And I Don`t (So Now I Do)

    I crept into a box of mesmerizing trinkets and I probably shouldnt think it and I dont so now I do A panoramic expo hey, give me a ballpark estimate I dont drive a good car or a bargain so now I do Heres what I have done for you...


  • Du Kannst Mich Mal

    Als ich dich gestern sah die schönste Frau der Welt wusste ich nicht dass nur Prada für dich zählt Kriegst ne neue Nase im Gesicht Jetzt gibts den Unterschied zu andern Models nicht Hast heut von meinem besten Fre...


  • 31 Bumrush

    My off the hook look, leaves my competitors shook
    No matter what groups you book, I still jam like Sam Cooke
    Took a whole click out, and had the soundman flippin
    kickin wicked freestyle to shit on niggaz with the writtens

Claudie Jung

  • Wo die Freiheit beginnt

    Nächte ohne Sterne, Tage grau in grau,
    all zu lang weiß ich zu genau das halt ich nicht mehr aus.
    Laß uns einfach fliegen und mit den Vögeln zieh`n,
    für immer dorthin wo wir zwei glücklich sind,<...


  • About to Blast

    Step up to this! witness anger from this raised up fist. the Hood is jacked up bad, and more pain will come to exist. well, Whose fault is it, and whos to blame? well, Im pointing my Fingers at the ones who set up this game.

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