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  • Impeached

    They hate everything today, All they get is fed up. And I can hear what they say, I wish they`s finally shut up. Cause they don`t like the way I walk, The walk I talk, The thoughts I think, Or the words I speak.


  • FleshPlunge

    Wade through the mud On this misty winter dawn With the future only thoughts away Ecstasy uncontained At the sight of her sweet silhouette Bathed in the humid morning mist Alone The cold breeze flows softly Over her naked body...

Jersey Ave

  • Beautiful Girl

    Beautiful You are, the way you are to me. Shame that he can`t see, how love`s suppossed to be He never buys you things He never wears his ring When he says he is on the way, He walks in two or three hours late It`s time you hear ...


  • fight back

    Titre : Fight Back Band : Misconduct 1 |-----------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------| |------3-------------3--5---3-2-----------------------------| |---0----3--0-----0------...


  • City Streets

    I`ve been around and I`ve seen the worlds collide From the east coast to California I`m tryin` to live this dream and the streets won`t take my name And I`ll take life by the throat, fuck you! You might think that we`ve got it ma...

miserables los

  • al otro lado del sol

    Intro Fm Cm e-|--------------------------|--------------------------| B-|--7----7-9-10-9-7--5----5-|--------------------------| G-|----------------------6---|-6--9p6--9p6--------------| D-|--------------------------|----------------------...

Bill Withers

  • Ain`t No Sunshine

    Ain`t no sunshine when she`s gone. It`s not warm when she`s away. Ain`t no sunshine when she`s gone And she`s always gone too long anytime she goes away.


  • 11 A.M.

    7am... The garbage truck beeps as it backs up And I start my day thinking about what I’ve thrown away...

Marc & The Mambas

  • Untitled

    Out on the street again
    Playing with the rain
    And a friend is walking away
    Life in a strange hotel
    And an endless hell
    Thinking of things I wanted to say

    We over-played the game
    And we`re playing ...

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