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Sunk Loto

  • 5 Years of Silence

    Why can`t you see what you`re doing to me Is gonna take more than 5 years of silence & drugs to repair. Because you`re blinded by greed, you`ve got the liar disease. I think emotional blackmail is fair.

Kanye West f Farnsworth Bentley, Lil Jon

  • The New Workout Plan Remix

    [Intro] You just popped in the Kanye West Get Right For The Summer workout tape And ladies if you follow these instructions exactly you might bear to pull you a rapper, a NBA player Man, at least a dude wit` a car So first of all we gon` work on the st...

Los Apson

  • Fue En Un Cafe

    Cuando yo recuerdo que una vez la abandonй,
    yo me pongo a llorar y no sй quй hacer para olvidar.
    Oh, yo no sй quй voy a hacer,
    su ausencia me mata y yo no puedo volver.

    Fue en un cafe donde yo la dejй
    fue en ...


  • Power Struggle

    I will be here when you are gone So I have the right to a power gorge And I will be good at making bad And I`ll light the way for the fucking mad I will defeat what I`m heading for And I will be here for evermore And I am th...

Sunny Day Real Estate

  • 100 Million

    pay for the sign on the hill that says `you`re home` pay for the hole in the ground to place your bones pay for the words in your mouth to flow pay for the sales of your shoes to walk the streets of kings pay for the simplest thin...


  • Gypsy Girl

    Can you tell me your love is here for good?
    I`m beginning to need you more than I should.
    My little gypsy girl,
    don`t figure me out
    and don`t say goodnight.

Cumbia SoledeУa

  • El Garabato

    (Emilio Vengoechea)
    Buenas noches presidente
    Buenas noches como estВ`? (3X)
    La danza del Garabato
    Lo ha venido a saludВ` (4X)
    Cuando Emiliano se muera
    Yo voy a cargВ` el cajХn (3X)
    Le voy a prendК` una v...

James jay W willis

  • Stan`s Back

    Hi, remember me my name`s Stan,
    I`m the one who threw myself over a bridge, the shady fan.
    Well guess what I`m not dead and I`m coming after you shady,
    Cus it`s your fault I killed my girlfriend and my baby.

Versuit Bergarabat

  • La Petisita Culona

    Siento el repique de sus pies que stбn inquietos
    algo reclama no tengo que adivinar
    lo hace paґ hacerme acordar que alguna noche
    le prometн llevarla a bailar...
    Esta escenita se repite dulcemente
    dнa tras dнa es com...

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