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  • Bossanova

    No me preguntes si anoche
    Estuve en casa dormido
    Tampoco que hacнa mi coche
    En la puerta del bar del olvido

    No preguntes si es que estaba
    De fiesta con los amigos
    Que mis respuestas son balas

Unlimited Nation

  • Move Your Body

    Move ! Move your body next to me Let`s have some fun, just you and me tonight You can give me all I need You`re my hot desire, light my fire La da da di da da da You`re my hot desire La da da di da da da Come on and light my...

Youve Got A Way (notting Hill Remix)

  • Shania Twain

    Youve got a way with me Somehow you got ne believe In everything that I could be Ive gotta say-you really got a way Youve got a way it seems You gave me faith to find my dreams Youll never know just what that means Cant you see ....

Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman

  • Time to Say Goodbye

    When I`m alone I dream on the horizon and words fail; yes, I know there is no light in a room where the sun is not there if you are not with me.

Andreas Johnson

  • Brand New Thing

    O yeah, you better shake `em bones You better get a grip Well here it comes it`s all over the screen It`s gonna penetrate you and leave you stripped O yeah o yeah You better make that move get that swing Be on time It`s a b...


  • Charades

    You think I`m so easy And you think I`m so naГЇve Well you better think a little harder Because you`re not the first I`ve ever seen [Chorus:] And what you think ain`t so bad If you use it for what you want to see And what I want ...

Sizzla Kalongi

  • Explain To Almighty

    Yo, my mama didn`t lie nah bad nah hospital an` give birth unto Sizzla the crucial for me to take the like of my brother Yuh mad? How more could a man scandal Chorus: Killing is not a part of our policy You kill a brother, e...


  • Anytime Now

    Yayayaya Selassie is the almighty I Wo yow, My meditation going like a dove Wo, stop alla keep failing To fulfill black people words, hey King Selassie I me hailing Anna dem go trouble poor people first Anytime now babylo...


  • Ballers Feud

    Chorus *(phats bossalini & val young)* 2x Thats the ballers feud A thug changes, and love changes Thats the ballers feud And best friends become strangers. Verse 1*(yukmouth)* Survey says...

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