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Picture House

  • 15th Time

    (Browne/Glenister) Biting it off again Stabbing my feeding hand Stepping off every train to meet the same thing Hosing the fire grate Drinking the water baby I`ve been a fool it seems All these years Making the old mistakes Prayin...

Los Lagartos

  • Aqui No Es Mi Pais

    No quiero leer ms las noticias No quiero saber de ms porqueras Quisiera creer que es una pesadilla Cmo fuimos a llegar a este infierno Como se pudo refrendar, a quien nos Hace mal (tanto mal) CORO: Aqu no es mi pas, estoy perdido ...

Big Kap Funkmaster Flex f Cash Money Mil

  • Respect

    FUNKMASTER FLEX: funkflex big kap cash money LIL WAYNE: even if i don`t get no taller i`m a always be a c.m.b baller wanted for manslaughter they call me quick drawer weezie 2 pistols i bought me a revolver a k and 2 missles look i`m ready for war...


  • Blink Of An Eye

    Seems like only yesterday the dream became so clear All was possible and God it felt so near So I suffered and I bled, I truly did believe Years have come and gone, but just where has it brought me In the blink of an eye Seems li...

Ирина Орищенко

  • Весенний регтайм

    Ирина Орищенко

    Робкий весны шаг.

    Вкус на губах - твой.

    Я не пойму, как

    Рушится мир мой.

    На берегу слов

    Взгляд, как весла взлет.

    Ветер вол...

Леонид Ваксман, Василий Мешавкин

  • Прощание с целиной

    Стихи Л.Ваксмана,

    Музыка В.Мешавкина из песни Осенний марафон

    Мы друг друга узнаем не по значкам,

    И нашивки на целинках не нужны.

    По домам, мои родные, по домам...

Black Star f Common

  • Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star

    What`d you do last night? We did umm, two whole cars It was me, Dez, and Main Three right? And on the first car in small letters it said `All you see is..` and then you know big, big, you know some block silver letters that said `..crime in ...

Thanks To Gravity

  • Floating Orange Honeymoon

    Too tall That`s what you said about the window That`s what you said about the vase I bought for your artificial roses It`s small time business you don`t want to be concerned with the small time his kiss showers you with...

Tharsis Rise

  • Down On My Hands

    Just got into another fight, by mentioning your name I never meant to hurt her, and I know my heart`s to blame With her I have a sure thing, but with you it`s a mystery And I`ll thank her for her patience, No more chances left for...

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