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Андрей Губин

  • Mой Бог

    Я был не богат
    И как будто даже рад
    Такой судьбе.
    Я жил наугад,
    Шел, куда глаза глядят,
    Но шел к тебе...
    Где ты?- все мечты о тебе одной,
    Но вновь не найти
    Долгожданной встречи мне с тобой...

Нателла Болтянская

  • Бабий Яр

    Нателла Болтянская

    Мама, отчего ты плачешь,

    Пришивая мне на платье

    Желтую звезду?

    Вот такое украшенье

    Хорошо б щенку на шею -

    Я его сейчас же приведу...

David Gray

  • A Century Ends

    Cast your eyes into the distance Try to focus on it all Find a spirit of resistance Instead of pride before the fall Forge some opposition From disparate strands It aint the prettiest position As a century ends Unstable ...

Brand Nubian f Diamond D

  • Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down (Remix)

    [Diamond] Step up, step up and catch a bad one... [Sadat X] A lot of kids is wondering, or hoping that I fell You are here to talk and I`m here to fucking walk Let me ask a little something, I let my track record float Niggas want to play me, and say ...


  • 3 AM

    I don`t give a damn about you No nothing can change my mind No way I`m happy just to let you walk away Don`t think about you at night I`m happy to be alone It`s ok But that was yesterday and now I`m Driving in my car Words don`t get me far When they ...

Bomfunk MC

  • Uprocking Beats

    Uprockin`floordroppin`, spinnin` and glidin` windmill combinding, 1999(`in) And on top of it all, the boldest freeze now come on partypeople let me hear you scream! Uprockin` floordroppin`, spinnin` and glidin` windmill combinding, 1999(`in) And tha...


  • Nobody

    Refrain: No, nobody does it better than you Nobody makes me feel like you do Cause you are the sun that makes my life shine And you are the love I`ve always tried to find I could spend a lifetime Telling you how bright you shine And that you`re one i...


  • Answers

    Ah la dee dah dee dah oh
    Ah la dee dah dee dah oh
    Ah la dee dah dee oh daaaah oh

    So just the other day
    Somebody asked me
    What happened to us, oh
    And I really didn`t know
    How to answer them

Daisy Dee

  • Angel

    I saw an angel flying over me (X2) Yeah eah oh I know for sure I`m going crazy I saw what I saw But no one believe me I open my eyes I see the light Angel flying over me Yeah eah I saw an angel flying over me (X2) Yeah eah oh I`...

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