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Владимир Дергунов

  • Пора

    Владимир Дергунов

    Hm G

    Пора, собирайтесь, скорее, мы что-то бездарно стареем,

    Em F#7 Hm H7<...

Exies, The

  • All The Pretty Ones

    Well you watched the sun
    Gazed a star and it won`t be long
    It won`t be long
    Before you rust, come try your luck
    It`s just a plan Kafka said
    Well careless driver steps on the brake
    Better love the envy that you...

Bloom On

  • Beggar Of Some Love

    The rain`s falling down on my form. I seemed like a thunder-burned tree in this storm.


  • Wo Ich Meine Kleine Insel Find

    Menschem im Großstadtlärm ziehn an mir vorbei keine Zeit für einen Augenblick ein Hauch von Einsamkeit Lichter einer Stadt in der Menge such ich dein Gesicht.

The Verve

  • A New Decade

    A New Decade The radio plays the sounds we made And everything seems to feel just right Coming through your lonely mind Well I`ve seen things That scared and bruised and left me blind So come on, listen along with me I think you n...

Doris D. and The Pins

  • Dance On

    On a dance in masque On a dance in masque On a dance in masque. Crossing the Champs Elysee - on y dance in masque Calling a taxi - on y dance in masque I said listen can you show me the way - on y dance in masqu Here I got an ...

Michaels Bret

  • I`d Die For You

    Oh yeah, rock you baby My pretty girl, you move so sexy in your skin Spread your wings for me, let my love come in My sexy girl, all the world`s your stage You love to feel my passion You love to feed my rage Give me your faith, y...

Doris Day

  • A Guy Is A Guy

    I walked down the street like a good girl should He followed me down the street like I knew he would Because a guy is a guy wherever he may be So listen and I`ll tell you what this fella did to me I walked to my house like a good...

Michaels Lee

  • Do You Know What I Mean

    Do you know what I mean Lee Michaels Been forty days since I don`t know when I just saw her with my best friend Do you know what I mean? Do you know, know what I mean? I just saw her yesterday I just saw her, asked h...

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