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  • blank

    Title: (blank) author: the Cootees Album: Let`s Play House Copyright Tooth and Nail Records Tabbed by: John Gula verse: ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ --------...

Sway and King Tech f Chino XL, Nas, O.K.

  • Wake Up Show Anthem 1994

    [Chorus](2X) Oh-oh-oh I`m coolin` with my niggaz on the Wake up Show-oh-oh We kick a little something for the radio-oh-oh [Verse 1: Nas] Check it, bust it Tune it up it`s the corrupt novelist, Nas Involved in this liveness radio waves Slaves thrive in...

Kelly Family

  • all along the way

    All allong the way (Lead Vocals: Kathy/Jimmy/Barby) G You and I are C The best of friends I know D And my chance to be true G And never alone G Should I fail to keep C...

Sway and King Tech f Ahmed, Black Spooks

  • Sway & King Tech Wake Up Show Freestyles

    Typed by: mr_jabba_jaw@hotmail.com * [DJ Tech] Warning, Warning (echoes) The sounds your about to hear (echoes) Can be devastating to your ears (echoes) [Black Spooks] Aiiyo Tech, bring that beat in (echoes) [Ahmed] *Chorus* When it comes time to...

Тюменский Виктор

  • Анти Гоп-стоп

    А мы из-за угла не подходили
    И, в общем никого и не бомбили
    Нам все, что было есть, лохи отдали сами
    Вот это пилотаж судите вместе с нами

    Эх, в рот мне компот наливай да взбалтывай
    На чу...

Donald C. Claus/joe Satriani (Music)

  • Until We Say Good-bye

    It isn`t really over- until we say good-bye.
    And we won`t have an end- unless it`s allowed to begin.
    It isn`t really over- until we say good-bye.
    But not tonight- that wouldn`t be right.

    So just allow me- one more ...

Lorenz Hart and Richard Rodgers

  • My Funny Valentine

    My funny valentine. Sweet comic valentine. You make me smile with my heart. Your looks are laughable, unphotographable. Yet, you`re my favorite work of art.

Smut Peddlers f Copywrite

  • Anti Hero`s

    [Eon] We arrive with the sun smog up in the vintage London fog I`m fuckin your G after you took her to miniature golf From the floor of this shitty-ass kitchen I see hella cats in my general chao`s chicken And your dogs is in the black bee sauce Fuck t...

Loretta Goggi

  • Il Mio Prossimo Amore

    Tu sopra di me sete d`estate che male c`e c`e che non amo mal l`acqua che bevo ma che gusto c`e se conto le stelle sopra di te sopra di noi e intanto il mio prossimo amore gli do appuntamento e gia un po me lo sento a un passo da...

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