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  • Be My Day

    rock me from the bay of Mexico
    I row me to the shores of Montego bay.
    I met a lady
    please let me stay.
    Here in your warm brown arms

    Till I melt away.

    Be my day
    honey be my night.

Reasonable Volume

  • Poor Mans Hat

    Hello Hello?
    I um. Oh Oh no
    I am going to be singing a song for you, and hope that you like
    this song, we wrote the song ourselves, and we are going to sing
    it in a matter of seconds.

Unda Presha

  • Girls Be Luvin This

    [Chorus] The girls be lovin this (we love dat) The girls be lovin this (uh-huh uh-huh) If the girls they love me not (and no we don`t) But the girls be lovin this (that`s right) The girls be lovin this (we love dat) The girls be lovin this (uh-huh uh-h...

Francis Connie

  • Among My Souvenirs

    There`s nothing left for me Of days that used to be They`re just a memory Among my souvenirs Some letters sad and blue A photograph or two I see a rose from you Among my souvenirs A few more tokens rest Within my treasure chest An...


  • Attention

    [Verse 1:] I know that life has felt us many cards, Sometimes I swear he`s trying to make it hard, and i don`t want to have to hide me faults. But he got busy and let down the gaurds.

cutugno toto

  • A Rio

    Vola via torno a casa mia forse e una pazzia chissa se posso fare a meno di te Vorrei bloccare qui il mio tempo che mi violento come un tormento vorrei is saluto di un`arrivederci con la speranza di ritrovarchi e poi mi fermo dent...


  • Better Than You

    Verse 1 Back door slams got it bad this time. Been sitting in the corner starring at her monkey shrine. When hope has lost and the fire dies. Just put it in your pocket and think of better times. Just like a dream.

Slush the Villain f Knightowl

  • 357 in My Holster

    [Slush The Villain] I`m getting high til the day that I die like I`m suppose ta I use the lethal weapon 357 in my holster Pull it ready to pull it then pull it No hesitation kill or be killed It`s ain`t going to be me your life I`ll be takin Life or de...

Spice-1 f Havoc and Prodeje, Havikk

  • 380 On That Ass

    (Prodeje) Go on, remember that shit you was kickin off Peace to my motherfuckin nine (Spice-1) Yeah I remember that old shit (Prodeje) So are you gonna kick some of that shit on your new album or what? (Spice-1) Yeah, I`m gonna kick some of that s...

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