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  • All Crossed Up

    [Ivan Talkin] Me my self I gotz a problem with these hoes tryna cross a nigga up But Ima have to blast on these hoes if they ever try to step But check it out as I run it down to ya {Verse 1} Its hard to get my serve on runnin from F.B.I Survelance li...

daltrey roger

  • After The Fire

    After the Fire from the Roger Daltrey LP Under a Raging Moon [Unpunctuated, as that`s the way the liner notes had it.

Кристина corp.

  • Горькая любовь

    Что же делать мне, ну как быть? Надоело тебя любить. Больше не хочу не грустить, не звонить, Мне б тебя забыть. Знаю я давно, ты с другим. Надо мною смеешься с ним. И мою любовь, и мечты, как цветы, Растоптала ты, Растоптала ты.

Cranberries, The

  • Animal instinct

    Suddenly something has happened to me
    As I was having my cup of tea
    Suddenly I was feeling depressed
    I was utterly and totally stressed
    Do you know you made me cry
    Do you know you made me die

    And the th...

Within Temptation

  • A Dangerous Mind

    I`m searching for answers
    cause something is not right.
    I follow the signs,
    I`m close to the fire.

    I fear that soon you`ll reveal
    your dangerous mind.


  • shrine

    From: Jorge A. Polo Subject: Shrine by the Dambuilders - Correction I had to make a correction from B to C (I wasn`t thinking!) so is there anyway you could copy this one over the old one? Thanks! -------------------...

Jimmy Fallon

  • (I Can`t Play) Basketball

    Yo! Are you ready for some air ball throwin, free throw blowin, no look where I`m goin, free style flowin? You are in my house baby! Well it`s Tip off time and I`m off the tip. Walkin to the bench and I sit.

MC Lyte f Gina Thompson

  • It`s All Yours

    Our love is old-school like Mary Jane`s Boston baked beans and candy canes Exchange a look on the number two train Run catch kiss sunshine or rain Jackson 5, good times the Jefferson`s Yeah Baby, you know I liked it better when You lived closer, but th...


  • love song

    Love Song the Damned I don`t know the intro This is most of the song. The bass line tends to change a little, but it`s mostly this.

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