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My chemical romance

  • Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

    Late dawns and early sunsets, just like my favorite scenes Then holding hands and life was perfect, just like up on the screen And the whole time while always giving Counting your face among the living Up and down escalators, pen...

DJ Honda f Tha Alkaholiks

  • International Anthem

    Intro: To Japan they love the sound. Ha whoa. We made it. What`s up J-Ro? (Aw I`m faded). Ah ha check it out ch`all (Likwitadaded crew). What`s up pour me some of that shit nigga. Giving big shouts outs to my man. Gettin` rid of all wack MCs.


  • Life is a Gamble

    Yeah, I`m about to fill you all in on some things ya know what I`m sayin See what you don`t know aint nothin but one big gamble It`s like a big ol` roulette wheel you know what I`m sayin But peep this I`m abut to put you all up on this story It`s about...


  • 2 Train

    Theres a baby girl

    That I know

    And shes so fine

    I meet her everyday

    After school

    Walk her to the train

    To spend some time

    Cause what her papa dont know

Sway and King Tech f Common

  • Common

    [Common] Yeah, I act like heroin, I prepare lines For those who never knew about the flow up on this Common Sense, evolution right up on the mix The revolution will not be televised This is what I do, I tell the guys I never tell no lies, I`m the truth...

Big Tymers f B.G., Turk

  • Baller Blockin` soundtrack

    [Baby {talking}] I got that work (For sure) I got that work, nigga Hustle - death if you hustle with us (I`ll front ya, boy) `Cause I`ma put that work on your life, lil` one ({too low to hear} if you`re shined out with a nigga) It ain`t no secret [Bab...

Kastelruther Spatzen and Marion

  • Che Bella La Vita

    Er: Italienisch? Sie: Oh molto facile! Er: Du meinst? Sie: Si si! Er: Ich soll? Sie: Si si! Er: Also gut! Was heißt Sonne schönes Kind? Il sole il sole! Sag mir wo die Sterne sind? Sul cielo sul cielo! Und die Berge bi...

Shabaam Sahdeeq f Xzibit

  • Concrete

    [Shabaam Sahdeeq] Uh-huh, yeah, yeah, yeah... As the world turn, cash to earn, falonious burn We Takin Ova, its our turn, where the moss burnin? Clear the path, we get more ass than saddle seats Steal this wall like the Alamo, standoff cowboy style I d...

Kastelruther Spatzen

  • Alexandra Komm Heim

    Alexandra ist verliebt sie kommt nachts nicht mehr heim die Mutter macht sich Sorgen: wo wird sie wohl sein? Sie war bis heut` ja immer ein liebes braves Kind. Alexandra wird erwachsen die Liebe macht sie blind.

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