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  • Break Me Gently

    Walk inside, gets noticed Fears conspire, they won`t go away And I know, and I see, you`ll be breaking hearts again You break me gently Break me gently Break me gently Break my fall in vain Pain won`t go, rest in peace And I loo...

Tapping The Vein

  • Bleed

    My Eyes Are Burning Through Their Lids I Can`t Remember When I`ve Closed Them I Think Of Searing Off My Lips So I Can`t Scream Your Name I Know You See That I Am Just A Shell Of Me How Is It So Easy For You To Watch Me Bleed? Th...

down by law

  • 1944

    From: JoeBob500@aol.com Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 17:19:59 -0400 1944 By: Down By Law From: punkrockacademyfightsong tabbed By: Joe LeStrange Any corrections and/or comments or if you read this, drop...

Mac f Mia X

  • Boss Chick

    [Mac and Mia X talking] So a check this, Would you die for me? Kinda question is that? just asking a question, Would you die for me? Yeah nigga [Mac] Aight I got a boss bitch and that`s why I talk shit She walk with switch And she might smack you if...

Sway and King Tech w DJ Revlolution and

  • Chino XL, Eminem, Jayo Felony, Kool G. R

    The Anthem Typed by: Nature2QBC@aol.com -RZA intro from Airwaves- [King Tech] One two, one two We dedicate this one to the hip-hop culture y`all Brought to you by the WOOORRRLLD FAMOUS Wake Up Show [RZA] Bobby Steels, Staple` tails, MC`s get your li...

Q And Not U

  • A Line In The Sand

    the first time. the second time. let`s stop this clock from starting. wrong, the time`s spelled wrong. why won`t you ever start? why won`t you? time ticking spell it right. understand. it`s 1974, `73, `72. cape tight fit on from here out.

dr dre

  • 187 (Deep Cover Remix)

    [Featuring Snoop Doggy Dogg]
    Niggers that I used to know and sell dope wit`
    Listen to how a motherfucker flow shit
    And let me know what`s up and they can blast on
    Thinkin` about the homeys that passed on.

Swishahouse f Paul Wall, Mike Jones

  • Step Ya Game Up

    (*talking*) Know I`m tal`n bout, I`m tired of these old Lame ass, lazy ass, don`t wanna grind ass But they wanna complain all the time ass Wish they was me ass, know I`m tal`n bout I worked for where I`m at, know I`m tal`n bout Swishahouse Swishablast,...

Mr. Shadow f Fingazz, Mr. Lil One

  • Watch Your Back

    [Fingazz] If you think your hard motherfucker We quick to pull your card motherfucker So watch your back Real gangstas smash We be coming your ya [Mr.

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