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Liverpool Express

  • You Are My Love

    You are my love you are the one that I adore You are my love you are what I have waited for Oh you are my love oh you are my love oh you are my love You are my day you changed my winter into spring You are my way and then my heart...

Rhett Adkins

  • More Than Everything

    Long before the first beats of our hearts Some how someone knewThat you belong here in my arms And now that I`ve got you girl I`m amazed, everyday How you make my life complete in everyway But when I start to question Just how on ...

Scarface f Tanya Herron

  • Spend the Night

    This a wake up [ VERSE 1: Scarface ] Ain`t nothing like the Sunnyside sunshine (sunshine) Hitting corners ducking one-time In my platinum color four dog Tinted out roll rolls (yea I roll, roll) I hit the beach and I say tops down Girls with they tops ...


  • A Woman`s Place Is On My Face

    [Music: Bishop, Kibler; Lyrics: Bishop, Kibler] A womans place is on my face But all I need is my cock sticking in your ass Oh my dicK`s stiff and I need it Wet, sloppy pussy juice dripping from my face and mouth Come here you wh...

Rhett Akins

  • Better Than It Used to Be

    Now it ain`t like me to talk about the way my woman makes me feel But since you asked and I`ve got a minute well gentlemen here`s the deal If I told it`s as good as this or that you might misunderstand So let me give you all a lit...

Styles of Beyond f Emcee 007

  • Spies Like Us

    [Takbir] Yo.. yeah.. So I slid behind the van, ran down the hill quick Knight Rider episode callin KITT Talkin telecom through a channel on my wrist S.O.S.

Busta Rhymes f Flipmode Squad, Mariah Ca

  • I Know What You Want

    [Busta Rhymes speaking] Yeah Shorty I know what you need I got everything you need I promise I ain`t gonna hold out either I`ma give it all to you baby It`s on, bust it [Chorus: 1- Busta Rhymes 2- Mariah Carey] 1- Baby if you give it to me I`ll ...

Master P f 241, Ghetto Commission

  • Y`all Don`t Know

    [Master P] Say brah In this game called life It`s charces (choices), decisions, and consequences I decided to change my life, for the better [ya heard me?] So anybody that`s out there seeking conviction because of profanity in my music then you don`t u...

Кабаре-дуэт Академия

  • Баден-Баден

    Может раем может адом может быть библейским садом Чем угодно Баден Баден в вашей жизни может быть Не распознан не разгадан Баден Баден как мне жить Закрыты порты открыты рты орут коты острят шуты летят торты смеешься ты и ты стремишься в Баден Баден ...

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