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Ms. Jade f Lil` Mo

  • Why You Tell Me That

    [Intro] Yo this one`s for all my ladies That been thru a similiar situation like this It don`t matter what color you is, how old you are Where you from, what you`ve done All chicks been thru somethin` like this Listen [Verse 1 - Ms Jade] If I had that...

Revolting Cocks

  • Beers Steers Queers

    City Slicker Hangnail Whipperwill writes: > Speaking of the _BS&Q_ single... >Anyone know if it was released on anything but vinyl? > >Brian Yep... It was also released as a CD single, WAXCDS 9149.

Snoop Doggy Dogg, Master P

  • Dogg World (The Game is to be Sold Not T

    [Master P] At ease I would like to welcome the newest No Limit Soldier Mr. Snoop D-O Double G, and he brings to the tank Money, power, respect, leadership, street knowledge and wisdom AHH YAH...D.P.G., yah D.P.G.

DJ Tiesto BT

  • Love comes again

    You have become What you have always been Life figuring out Rephrase your vision No words I can speak A path should been chosen All trembling track She lead us back and here the guts are Love comes again Just when I booked in none of her Lov...


  • 10,000 Years (Peace Is Now)

    The world is burning down
    Can`t you smell the smoke in the air?
    War, disease, and famine
    This demon, she is everywhere

    Poets and preachers and politicians
    They`ve all had their say
    And we got 10,000 yea...


  • Dentro De Ti

    (with Sole Gimenez (Presuntos Implicados)) No dir que fue un infierno, pero tampoco fue tierno conseguir un poco de aire y respirar.

Sadat X f Money Boss Players

  • Game`s Sober

    [?1] A while ago, just want you to know Just who you`re listenin to (say whaaaaat?) So listen let me tell you Who I am, and what I do Chorus: Sadat X and ?2 [Sadat X] Check it out, the Wild C-O-W-B-O-Y`s [?2] And we the capital M to the B`s to the P`...

D-12 Eminem

  • My band

    I don`t know dude... I think everyone`s all jealous and sh** cuz I`m like the lead singer of a band dude... And I think everyone`s got a f***in problem with me dude... And they need to take it up with me after the show... Because...

Flogging Molly

  • Another Bag of Bricks

    T`was in the early evenin` Near the presence of the moon You told me you would meet me here Well now is not too soon This dagger twisting in my back Tells me I never should Have trusted everything to fall From beggar to foo...

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