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Iggy Pop

  • Afraid to Get Close

    Watching the cat sleep on my pillows Afraid to get close to anyone and afraid not to The need of all creatures to be warmed and touched The girls who want dads I think the writing is eating up myself Preventing any togetherne...

Velvet Acid Christ

  • Apflux

    you sit here an axe in your hand with blood in your mind you won`t waste your time a phase in your life can`t quiet ignite the flame in your heart you`re dead from the start black art infused confused, you`ll lose black art confus...

Nina Gordon

  • Badway

    The pinch One inch Half a head And half dead No pain No gain Theres a million voices in my brain Its like a game of hide and seek And I play every day I close my eyes and I count to ten One two three and everybody runs a...

The Cardigans

  • Been it

    Baby boy Your face is pretty and your life`s a toy Master man I`m never better than your latest plan Poor donee What are you gonna try to be Where are you gonna go without me now I`ve been you mother, I`ve been your father Who can ask me for more I`ve...

David Crosby and Phil Collins

  • Hero

    Well it was one of those great stories That you can`t put down at night The hero knew what he had to do And he wasn`t afraid to fight The villain goes to jail, while the hero goes free I wish it were that simple for me.

John Kincade

  • (`til I Kissed You)

    Never felt like this until I kissed you How did I exist until I kissed you Never had you on my mind Now you`re there all the time Never knew what I missed until I kissed you Uh huh I kissed you oh yeah.

David Crosby

  • Columbus

    {by Noel Brazil) Better keep your distance from this whale Better keep your boat from going astray Find yourself a partner and treat them well Try to give them shelter night and day `Cause here in the blue light Far away from the...


  • Pure Prairie League

    I can see why you think you belong to me I never tried to make you think, or let you see one thing for yourself But now your off with someone else and I`m alone You see I thought that I might keep you for my own Amie what you wan...

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