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Dilated Peoples f Devin the Dude

  • Poisonous

    Man, yo this comin` from you... [Intro] You`re like, what`s ya name ma Should`ve run from her The girl`s (Poisonous!) You made a bad move She`s from a bad crew They`re all (Poisonous!) [Chorus 2x - Devin the Dude] She ain`t the one to trust She`ll tr...

Memphis Bleek f Amil, Jay-Z

  • P.Y.T.

    [Memphis Bleek] Yeah motherfuckers That`s what y`all want right That ol` gangsta, that ol` gangsta Check it out now yo, yo All I need, bomb ass freak nigga Hold me down nigga Hold my heat shit Stash a brick, blast the clip Gangsta shit, yo I need me ...

Nas f Alicia Keys

  • God`s Son

    [Nas] Uh, If I can teach somethin` so dear And hope somebody learn somethin` from it And give it back They can`t break me or shake me They too fake to come kill me Think they faith this was satan They mistake me I`m filthy Rich off the ghetto madness,...

Snoop Dogg f Bootsy Collins

  • Can I Get A Flicc Withchu

    [Intro: Snoop Dogg] Yeah, brand new Snoop Dogg [echo] Somethin` to crack the New Year off, you dig? [echo] [Hook: 2X] One for the trouble, two for the bass Come on everybody let`s rock this place [Verse 1: Snoop Dogg] Doggy Dogg, you are the best Roc...

Tech N9ne

  • Absolute Power

    {*Tech ad libs something backwards*} [Tech N9ne] Aint no way you bout to stop this sickness From the deepest darkest part of Missouri Psycho alpha skitzo get ya chest, ya diggin me A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E P-O-W-E-R see me clownin Look at all you playa hatas f...

Charli Baltimore f Cam`Ron, Noreaga

  • Ice/Rush Hour Soundtrack

    This is the way it should sound Intro: Cam`Ron (Noreaga) Ya heard (what what) Yo B, we don`t even like half these faggot niggas anyway (what what what) I`m on my own muthafuckin` wheel (yeah, what what what) You know...

Silkk The Shocker f Snoop Dogg

  • Get it Up

    [Snoop Dogg] Yo.. and this is No Limit records I am Snoop D-O motherfuckin double G Partyin with my ??? Silkk The Shocker You a made man now nigga Yeah [Silkk The Shocker] Year round party Yall get em up, get it up What up Snoop? [Snoop Dogg] Wake up...

The Diplomats f Nicole Wray

  • I Wanna Be Your Lady

    [Nicole Wray] + (Cam`Ron) Boy you should know that (What) I got you on my mind (Ok) Your secret admire (Uh Huh) I`ve been watching you boy (Killa) [Chorus - 2X] At night I think of you (dipset dipset) I want to be ya lady baby If ya game is on give me...

Conscious Daughters

  • Ear to the Street

    [ VERSE 1: CMG ] Fuck, another day, another problem A shitty situation that I`m facin, how to solve em? You think it don`t affect ya, but you should really listen though To the conversation, cause the situation`s critical Let me tell you how it started...

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