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Paul Lekakis

  • Boom Boom Boom

    Hey baby I`d like to talk to you How about coming back to my room for a little boom boom You keep coming to me I can dig your dynamite Know the way you move Get in the groove You`re driving me crazy, crazy for you Second ...

Reagan Youth

  • (You`re A) Go Nowhere

    You`re a gonowhere! And you don`t care! You`re a gonowhere! You`re not even there! Living your life on the conveyor belt No time to think so your brain just melts No destination you`re lost inside Standing still, deaf dumb and bl...

St. Lunatics

  • Bait Soundtrack

    (Nelly) I got a whole heard of cows ta die for my 6` Hockey players pagin` me to practice on my wrist 20 inch Aqua treads so my whip don`t slip Pullin` up bringin joy (Joi) like my nigga Big Gipp If I go on a rampage then watch my mo` flip Draw from bo...

teenage fanclub

  • 120 Mins.

    I don`t wanna be alone
    I don`t wanna be well known
    I don`t wanna be unsane
    I don`t wanna love in vain
    I don`t wanna need a change
    I don`t wanna be arranged
    I don`t wanna be amazed
    I just wanna see your

Mac Dre

  • 2 Times & Pass

    Ah ah Blah blah Niggaz get their thoughts together Bum balum bum bum Niggaz get their thoughts together Bum bum Hey look over here I`m open Pass it Right yeah Pass the weed motherfucker Hey mister babysitter would you look at all the mashes The blunts ...

Noreaga f Pharrell Williams (The Neptune

  • God`s Favorite

    [Intro: Pharell] Oh! (Millitainment) Oh! (Millitainment) Oh! (Millitainment) Come on (Millitainment) Oh! (Millitainment) This one is the hot one! (Millitainment) Aiyyo! (Millitainment) [Chorus: Pharell] Homeboy, I came to party (ohh!) Yo` girl was loo...

Paul Mccartney and Linda

  • Mary Had A Little Lamb

    Mary had a little lamb his fleece was white as snow ev`rywhere that Mary went that lamb was sure to go and you could hear them singing: La-la la-la la-la-la la-la-la la-la la-la la-la-la-la-la-la.

Sean Paul

  • Breathe

    Oh, oh, oh, oh
    Oh, oh, oh, oh

    Big up to all the Brooklyn massive crew
    Some they pay no mind, but now them notice Blu
    So take your ones, your fiftys, put your hundreds to your shoes
    And to my fans you kno...


  • had enough

    From: Sent: Friday, December 26, 1997 10:39 PM Song: Had Enough Band: Telegraph (formerly the Skolars) Album: 10 Songs and more (1997) Written by Telegraph Transcribed by Luke Knox ( This is a great song b...

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