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nevtelen nulla

  • jeremy

    Nйvtelen Nulla Jeremy [A] Am G 1. Jeremy, ne hagyj el, F E7 Hisz vбrom az йletet! Am G Ha elmйsz, s itt hagysz mбr, F E7 Mбs lesz a Fцld s mбs a vilбg Am Nйlkьled.

Daz Dillinger (of Tha Dogg Pound) f Tray

  • Gang Related soundtrack

    [Daz] Ready? Yeah... we back Daz Dillinger in the game Death Row, in the house Lettin y`all know, we ain`t went nowhere, we right here In effect, c`mon Ahh yeah, watch out, get ready for war We the Gang and we bang knockin down your door What`s the se...

Master P f C-Murder, Magic

  • MP Da Last Don

    [Master P/C-Murder] Chorus Where them niggas at Where them niggas at There them niggas go [Master P] Uhhhhh Fuck it, let`s get em x4 [C-Murder] I`m a motherfucking soldier Bitch I thought I told ya, I smoke your ass like doja Niggas mad cause my tapes...

new bad things

  • goethes letter to vic chesnut

    ----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE-------------------------------- This file is the author`s own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.

Bone Crusher f Bun B, La Chat, Lil` Flip

  • Grippin` the Grain (Remix)

    (Bone Crusher) AttenCHUN! (Intro - Bone Crusher [Bun B]) BC: Bone, bone, bone, bone, bone, bone, bone (This line repeats 4X) BB: Break Em` Off (4X) That Grippin` the Grain remix Break Em` Off in here UGK in here Lil` Flip in he...

chapman tracy

  • A Hundred Years

    Baby sweet baby Won`t you please Come on back home to me I`ve been so lonely These few days feel like A hundred years How you make me worry baby How you make me worry about you Here I am I`m knowing That I can`t live without you H...

K` Da Cruz

  • I`m On Fire

    If you wanna sweet sweet love tonight Call me and I`ll make you feel all right When you are just driving around Playing games all over town Turn around, come on down.

Mack 10 f T-Boz (TLC)

  • Tight to Def

    [Mack 10] Get money T-Boz, Mack 10 Millennium Bonnie & Clyde We hoo bangin` and hoo ridin` What? I was raised in the hood so what the heck So I represent the Wood and get respect Catch me in the club parlayin` Taking flicks with about hundred differen...

Sway and King Tech f Canibus, Ras Kass

  • Ras Kass & Canibus Freestyle

    [Ras Kass] Since the wake up show I`ve been handin rappers they ass in a silver platter Its empty ill & gray matter I do a selectively crew The type of brotha that will go to ya album release party Grab the mic & BOO you Like how`s how F` how`s how I m...

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