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  • Теряла

    Стекло как слеза на ветру И горький глоток воды Я только лишь делаю вид что иду Туда, где ты Одна я делаю вид что живу В городе под названием Дым Мой поезд, вокзал.


  • All Cried Out

    All alone on a Sunday morning
    Outside I see the rain is falling
    Inside I`m slowly dying
    But the rain will hide my crying, crying, crying
    And you
    Don`t you know my tears will burn the pillow
    Set ...

Def Leppard

  • (Can`t Keep Away From) The Flame

    Lonely, lonely, lonely child
    Crystalline and lace
    Won`t you walk me awhile
    Put a smile upon my face

    I don`t wanna take your love in vain
    Gonna keep on coming back again

    Beauty leads the ful...

Get Up Kids


  • $avior$elf

    [Music - Lorenzo] [Lyrics - Tecchio] Drowning down and reaching out, Poor you Helping handouts, Now we`re drowning too Stop blaming everyone else Shut up and save yourself Dumbing down, we`re devolving for sure Us, ourselves, t...

Robbie Williams

  • A Man For All Seasons

    One eye on theshadows protecting his fellows From sun up to the moon on his back Sent the villains to Hades A hit with the ladies A stallion in the sack You can’t get your life back When right follows left Jack The more you see the less you kn...

Michael Jackson f Notorious B.I.G.

  • HIStory (Disc 2)

    Verse 1: Michael Jackson this time around I never get bit though you really wanna fix me this time around you`re makin` me sick though you really wanna get me somebody`s out, somebody`s out to get me you really wanna fix me, hit me but this time aroun...


  • Ashes

    Here I sit Waiting for you with a cold cup of coffee And a burnt cigarette That has fallen like ashes Slowly from me I search myself alone Here I sit Waiting for you with a suitcase packed And an eight by ten That reminds...

Da Franchise and Butch Cassidy

  • Livin` in Da City

    [Chorus: Butch Cassidy] We been mashin on the scene, off of green All you other niggaz talkin the shit But you really ain`t doin a thing Always stayin on my toes, all them hoes We keep it pimpin, ain`t no time to be steppin So get my money girl, ...

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