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  • Angel

    Shooby dooby dooby doo woi Shooby doo
    Shooby doo dooby doo boi oi
    Yeah, ah

    Girl, you`re my angel, you`re my darling angel
    Closer than my peeps you are to me, baby
    Shorty, you`re my angel, you`re my d...

Виагра (Виа Гра)

  • Good Morning, папа

    Ты музыка, которой нет на радио Ты добрый гений чистого листа Ты деньги, что я раньше не потратила И больше не потрачу никогда Прошлого нет.


  • Romance Ilegal


    te propongo que vivamos un romance ilegal
    si te gusto y tu me gustas no lo evitemos mas
    podemos ser mas que amigos pero sin hablar de amor
    te propongo que vivamos nuestro romance ilegal


DJ KaySlay f AZ, Prodigy, Raekwon

  • The Untouchables

    [Intro - Raekwon & Prodigy] [Rae] You know how it go. You know how it go [Pro] Uh-huh, uh-huh [Rae] There`s many out there Many duplicate faggots [Pro] Check this shit, son [Rae] No question.


  • A Dream

    [Repeat 3x] It`s only a dream [Verse 1] I know that gobbled as a child, and got her own Still he got to bless me too, I been struggling too long Tryna keep my head up in this hateful world Always been mama`s soldier, never daddy`s little girl I did so...

Destiny`s Child f Da Brat, J.D., Lil` Bo

  • Jumpin` Jumpin`

    [Lil` Bow Wow](JD) Uh-huh, uh-oh Uh-huh, uh-huh you already know Yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh so, so What the name, what the name, what the name be? {Repeat 2 in background} My name is Bow Wow! Check me out now I`m outside try-na buy the bouncer He go...


  • Alive

    I feel it deep, deep inside of me Our bodies one telepathy Collide strong as we get involved Fantasy now reality I`m breaking free from all these chains I feel the rhythm running through my veins Alone with you at night It`s a feeling I don`t wanna fi...

George Fame and Alan Price

  • Rosetta

    Well my little girl is a sweet little girl but she does things make your eyebrows curl: You let her loose on a Friday night you know it`s gonna end in a fight.

Mark B and Blade f Lewis Parker, Skinnym

  • The Long Awaited

    [Blade] I`m sort of like a doctor about to operate Crowds cooperate waiting for Source to set the date The long awaited album finally planned for production Full steam ahead, I hope the fans are prepared We hope we go platinum, ain`t nothing wrong with...

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