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  • 25 Ta Life

    It was a hot summer day, I was dyin from the heat Walkin up 118th street Although I`m hot like stew In the back of my mind it was a bottle of brew Now a ice cold bottle would just quench my thirst Or get some boom from the dread, which ever one comes f...

Mercedes f Ghetto Commission

  • Pussy

    Chorus: They say pussy makes the world go round Pussy makes the world go round Pussy makes the world go round But your fuckin wit a gangsta Man, fuck a bitch I toss a bitch But I never pay Pimping ain`t nothing pal but I never buy and I always be this...


  • Ain`t Givin Up No Love

    [TNT] Motherfuckers spittin gas up all over town Everytime I come around niggaz wanna be down If I`m dissin one nigga then I`m dissin the next Give me the pussy, the money, and the mic and then check I`m down with Natas, down with Natas, yeah I`m down ...

Salt N Pepa

  • A Salt With a Deadly Pepa

    I`m Salt here to resource so start steppin` When me and my homegirl Pepa start pepperin` Try and dis the girls, try to stand tall shorty The girls got naughty - we went Top Forty Call in the troops, we`re comin` out blazin` Ill if you will there ain`t ...

Toddy Tee f Mix Master Spade

  • Batterram

    In New York (it`s comin) In Detroit (it`s comin) In L.A. (it`s comin No, it`s here) The Batterram The Batterram (Went through my pad) [ VERSE 1: Toddy Tee ] Drug busters, you better beware And don`t turn your head as if you don`t care (Because they g...

Александр Лукин

  • Апрель иссяк...

    Александр Лукин

    Апрель иссяк,

    Ни так, ни сяк

    Не жаль его уход,

    Ведь вслед за ним,

    Сквозь листьев дым,

    К нам снова май придет.

Bad A$$ f Snoop Dogg

  • We be Puttin it Down

    (Dogg Pound Gangstas rip) x2 Verse 1-Bad A$$ Word on tha streets, see it aint nobodies business secret to keep, so keep heat incase things get deep peace box is where it starts, scarred flesh and broke hearts since a kid this is how we live, aint nut...

Cam`Ron f Jay-Z, Juelz Santana

  • Come Home With Me

    * send corrections to the typist [Jay-Z] Turn the motherfucking music up [Cam`Ron] Just Blaze, man. You owe me nigga [Jay-Z] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Welcome to the Empire State. Home of the World Trade. Birthplace of Michael Jordan.

Dre Dog (Andre Nickatina)

  • All Star Chuck Taylors

    One thing I despise is virgin suicide Shere Khan is something that the wind cries The way I collect is like a bomb threat meanin if you don`t have my doe i`m a blow fa show You better have heat when you hang with this villian meaning that its cold when...

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