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Kardinal Offishall f

  • Firestarter Vol 1: Quest For Fire

    Typed by: graumit@hotmail.com INTRO [Korry Deez] E`rebody ah talk `bout sound killing When they dun know, we are original sound killer Fassyhole you know we Anytime we start dance-dance a fi lock Girl follow back a we We have e`rething pon cock Can`t ...

W. For A.

  • La Question

    Qu`est-ce que je peux faire, je te prfre, des autres villes, des autres filles, j`ai dj vcudans un autre payx, sans des filles comme toi, je ne sais pas, pourquoi, tu ne m`aimes pas, au revoir.


Jose Maria Napoleon

  • Pajarillo

    Maquillaje a granel usaba a diario y vendнa la piel a precio caro
    de las 8 a las 10 en una esquina era joven y fiel
    era rosa y espina y se llamaba: no sй
    nunca lo supe nunca le pregunte,
    nunca dispuse de su tiempo y su p...

Pj And Duncan

  • All I Have To Do Is Dream

    When I want you in my arms
    When I want you and all your charms
    Whenever I want you all I have to do
    Is dream, dream, dream, dream.

    When I feel blue in the night
    And I need you to hold me tight
    Whenever ...

Kid Capri f Punchiline, Ras Kass

  • One on One

    Yeah once again presenting, Kid Capri Ras Kass the waterproof MC, Punchline (Ras Kass) These faggot MCs be on skis with the microphone though But it`s all downhill hitting trees like Sonny Bono Name a nigga I couldn`t burn and he probably created the ...

W. Kristine

  • One More Try

    Every window in my hometown is empty And I really don`t know why And the house you used to live in is cold and fallen down yeah And I am tired and I`m weary And Lord those grey skies bring me down And I came home for just one reas...

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