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U-God f Hell Razah

  • Pleasure and Pain

    [U-God] Once again... Through the storms... I gotta stay strong Take deep breaths, hold on long, bring the harm with no regrets, on my chest, let me knowledge be born on levels, wild, devil copters mark my every step When the riots form, my woman keep...

Big Moe f T2

  • Yessir

    (*talking*) This your boy T2 and Big Moe Holding it down for that Dirty Dirty [Big Moe] Now I`m the Moe-da, the R-ola Yes sir I done told ya, Casanova none thoeder Stick blower drank po`er, wrecking the cot sober Lately, yes sir I done heard about ya ...

Backbone f Slic Patna

  • Concrete Law

    [Chorus] We get the work we do the dirt we drop the vert on the car we bend the corner off the floor because they know who we are Yes yes y`all we on a money making mission baby stay on ya job [Backbone] In the Cut drunk as a skunk gone little girl le...

John Anderson

  • Country `Til I Die

    I got an invite to a Saturday night Shindig way up town You know old John likes to have his fun I couldn`t turn a party down The band was playing some highfalutin music I`d never heard before Everybody there seemed to like it a l...

manson marilyn

  • 1996

    Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 18:51:23 -0500 (EST) From: Artist: Marilyn Manson Song: 1996 Drop d Verse E-------------------------------------------------------| B-------------------------------------------------------| G-----------...

Allman Brors Band

  • Ain`t Wastin` Time No More

    (Gregg Allman) Last Sunday morning The sunshine felt like rain Week before They all seemed the same With the help of God and true friends I come to realize I still had two strong legs And even wings to fly And oh I, ain`t...

Romantic Balcony

  • Michael Learns To Rock

    The sun is almost down and we are both enjoying the sound of the ocean softly brushing against the land We are sleeping you and me with a smell of tulip tree under the starry sky on a romantic balcony But a pain inside my chest ...

Romantic Girls

  • Lovepoem

    Niemals hätte ich geglaubt dass mir ein Mann die Sinne raubt. Doch seit ich dich trafbin ich nicht mehr länger brav. Und gebe mich voll meinen Gefühlen hin weil ich auf Wolke Nr.7 bin.


  • Open Up Your Door

    (Neval Nader/L. Russell Brown/Raymond Bloodworth) You left me You came back tonight `Cause you got love It sure is fine CHORUS I said I I wanna love you some more I said I I wanna love you some more I said I I wanna love you some ...

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