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Rihanna feat. Ne-Yo

  • Hate That I Love You
    [Rihanna:] As much as I love you As much as I need you And I cant stand you Must everything you do make me wanna smile Can I not like you for awhile? (No....) [Ne-Yo:] You wont let me You upset me girl And then you kiss my lips All ...

Rihanna feat. Sean Paul

  • Break It Off
    [Sean Paul] Break It Off Breakin it off And settin it off in da real way Makin da girls dem chill dey mind Makin dem have a good time Ya man SPZ long side RiRi Come down now Rihanna Tek it to dem Tek it to dem girl [Refrain] Break...

Текст песни Robbie Williams

  • She's Madonna
    Oh, Madonna, Madonna I don't miss you Just who You used to be And you don't ring true So please Stop calling me Your I love you's Are ten a penny You're dropping clues Like you've got any You got to choose There's been so many ohhhh I lov...

Robin Thicke

  • 2 The Sky
    Its amazing the way the darkness falls And the truth out there is cold And nothing to keep you warm Jealousy and lies within me I got a feeling the sun wont shine today And I gotta to know right now Will I be rich, have everything I want I stop mys...

Текст песни Robin Thicke

  • Lost Without U
    Tell me how u love me more And how u think Im sexy baby That u dont want nobody else U dont want this guy u dont want that guy u wanna Touch yourself when u see me Tell me how u love my body And how I make u feel baby U wanna roll with me u wanna h...

Robin Thicke feat. Faith Evans

  • Got 2 Be Down
    All this love and aggravation I wasted so much of my life All this truth and separation We work so hard 2 make things right Got that lovin got that seed Got that suga got that sweet Got that money got that beat Got that whatever u need Oh I cant...

Robin Thicke feat. Lil' Wayne

  • Oh Shooter
    Yea, yea, yea Weezy baby y'all, don't get shot rapid fire, what you know about it I brought my homie along for the ride He strapped, he can't wait to come out the barrel I heard some shouts like Down on the floor Then even louder we got shooters, ...

Robin Thicke feat. Pharrell

  • Wanna Love U Girl
    Shes the kind of girl u wanna marry The kind of girl u walk the whole earth 4 Put her on your back and just carry Her attitude is hotter than the earths core When shes around nothing else matters Untouchable shes got her own force field Sooner or la...

Lyrics for Rob Thomas

  • Little Wonders
    Let it go, Let it roll right off your shoulder Don't you know The hardest part is over Let it in, Let your clarity define you In the end We will only just remember how it feels Our lives are made In these small hours These little wonders, The...

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