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Lil Romeo

  • 2 Way

    Right about now Youre about to witness this The sounds of Lil Romeo, the New No Limit And Presidential Campaign 2 Way me Hit it Romeo, Romeo It takes two to make your thing go right Romeo, oh, Romeo It takes two to make it out...

narvaez luis de

  • guardame las vacas

    Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1993 21:03:27 -0700 (MST) From: Paul Zimmerman Subject: TAB: Guardame Las Vacas - Narvaez Guardame Las Vacas Luis de Narvaez o = whole note, d,P = half note, | = quarter note, |_ = eighth note, R = quarte...

Маша Распутина

  • Ах, Одесса

    Что мне Штаты, что Канада - Я у Дюка на виду, В шоpтах люкс и в кепи набок По Одессе я иду. А Одесса веселится, Шутки, смех во все концы.


  • 1213 Trancegalactica

    Purple planet flashin by (by) Through a cloud of smoke will reach the (sky) Ultrasonic carpet ride (ride) Missed it much woman will bid you hide Purple bud into the sky Getting by by getting high Yes I wine of sin Riding on a des...

Manfred Mann

  • Circles

    Going round in circles
    Directions all messed up
    I go to ground on a bottle of wine
    And drown myself in the flood
    My frozen toes are beginning to melt
    I believe I`m catching a cold
    Got oil on my feathers and I ...

Siouxsie And The Banshees

  • 92 Degrees

    The day drags by like a wounded animal
    The approaching disease, 92 degrees
    The blood oin our veins and the brains in our head
    The approaching unease, 92 degrees
    Long ago in the headlines, they noticed it too
    But too...

carson jeff

  • The Car

    Boy I`d like to have that car I whispered to my dad We could fix it up and make it new again All it needs is just a little time My daddy`s hardly ever home Since Mama passed away He`s always workin` over-time I know he cannot affo...

D-Gotti, D-Reck

  • To the Top

    [Hook] To the top I can see the stars, candy painted cars Flipping out in bar, magnificent for sure To the top, I sell where other niggas fell Now I`m balling, should of say oh well [D-Gotti] Sometimes I don`t understand, the magic of my hands How tha...

Ellington Duke

  • Alabamy Home

    I`m goin` home Down there among the fields of cotton, Down where the folks have not forgotten me I feel blue just for a little girl I`m strong for, Just for a certain one I long to see.

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