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South Park Mexican

  • 2 Joints

    [intro: dum-dum and happy p] (lighting a joint) (coughs) [dum-dum) Go head maan Boy thats 5 [happy p] Thats got to be [verse 1: dum-dum and happy p] [dum-dum] I hit it from worst ways After the first day Im needin it...

Three 6 Mafia

  • 1st Crime Scene (Skit)

    What do we have here? One very dead brotha, five gun shot wounds, four to the chest. Name was Tim or sumin, recognize it from the neighborhood. Drug related. Holding anything? Found what appears to be 20 oz on him.

Алексей Охрименко, Сергей Кристи, Владимир Шрейберг

  • Батальонный разведчик

    Алексей Охрименко,

    Сергей Кристи,

    Владимир Шрейберг

    Я был батальонный разведчик,

    А он – писаришка штабной.

    Я был за Россию ответчик,

    А он жил с моею...

Big Pokey f Godfather, Mike D

  • Dope Game 2000

    [Big Pokey] My whole crew`s just like dope, I stay with it Let the Blaze split it, hit the block and get paid with it We ship and distribute it, from state to state Light Peruvian weight, compressed in the tailgate Soon as I touch the track, the track ...


  • A Little Something

    [del] Yeah, huh I will display my dynamics Get out the way damnit I plan it just to leave mcs abandoned Brandin xs when I flex this I wreck shit And leave rappers searching for the exit Lets get physical I got precision...


  • 24 Inches Woodgrain Grippin

    [Chorus] I put 24 inches on the Brougham Call my baddest bitch and tell her daddy comin` home Pull up at the light and them thangs keep spinnin` I`m bustin` down a Philly, finna fill it with a 20 That liquor got me swervin`, E&J is what we sippin` Just...

Melanie C

  • (how Does It Feel To Be)on Top Of The World

    How does it feel to be on top of the world
    Now it`s for real, you`re on top of the world
    You`re the top of the world

    Looking like it`s gonna happen
    Knowing that the time is right
    With pride on our side a...

Naughty By Nature f Master P, Mystikal,

  • Live or Die

    *sounds of an automatic being fired, then a single gunshot* [Master P] Unnnnnnnnnnnngh! He heh Master P and Treach, nigga It`s all family baby Get them Naughty boys, I got the No Limit Soldiers And when we posse up, these niggaz gon` pay us Chorus: ...

Tha Liks f Xzibit

  • Bar Code

    [Tash] The drunken funk`n has returned Let`s take it back to the old school one time y`all, uhh Ya fuckin with me? Damn right y`all fuck with us boy (Shotglass, ha! Ain`t it drunk) Alkaholiks, say what? (Yo Tash, smack these niggaz up!) With my Alkah...

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