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A.G. f Mr. Mudd

  • Be With

    [Chorus: repeat 2X] You don`t know who you wanna be with And you don`t know who you wanna creep with And you don`t know who you wanna sleep with Girl you best to get up on this G.D.

The WhoRidas f Saafir

  • Town Shit

    This is my townshit, (townshit...) Wit the Raleighs, for the niggaz, that whoride Chorus: This is my townshit for the niggaz in the `Maros and the Mali`s wit the Raleighs This is my townshit for the niggas that whoride and the bustas high side This ...


  • Howl

    You try so hard to be cold
    You try so hard to not show
    I give you nothing to doubt, and you doubt me
    I give you all that I have, but you don`t see

    Now I know that my eyes must close here
    Every word seems to f...

Organic Revolution Orchestra

  • 3 Fat Bensin

    Jag fann bensin 3 fulla fat tnkte byta dom mot mat Men rosten hade plten frtt s allt rann bort utom en skvtt N sak jag lrt mej av livet ta ingenting fr givet D som var kvar tog jag i en spann D var nog nnu vrt lite grann fr jag f...

Suicide Pact, The

  • A Definite Maybe

    buried in words and the imagery left unspoken
    the selfish lies
    the self abuse
    that we all seem to use
    it seems i never notice when i`m all alone
    left with indescribable feelings
    left with these feelings while ...

The Herbaliser f Blade

  • Time to Build

    The Herbaliser attack this And entered into a pact with Blade and his lyrical madness Nobody knows what`s next better than sex The text connects leaving all competitors vexed And when you least expect it we wrecked it Target inside the aim is directed ...

Андрей Коровин

  • 25 ЛЕТ

    Здравствуй! Вот и мы дожили,

    Когда кофе стынет в жилах,

    Сердце барахлит, и врач ругается...

    За плечами - четверть века...

    Время - самый лучший лекарь.

    Пусть ему не очень-то икается.

Timbaland f Mad Skillz, Nas

  • Tim`s Bio: Life From Da Bassment

    [Tim] It don`t stop [Nas] Can`t stop [Tim] Say what? [Nas] Play your parts [Tim] Uh-huh, it don`t stop [Nas] Nas Esco` [Tim] Say what? Huh, uh-huh [Tim] Uh-huh, it don`t stop [Tim] Uh, uh-huh, uh, uh, uh [Tim] It don`t stop, what? [Nas] Yea yea, Brave...

Cristina Donа

  • Ho Sempre Me

    Questi dadi non segnano mai piщ di dieci fanno cosм … per non compromettersi La stanza in cui vivo и un dado, ma non ho abbastanza mani per tirarlo lontano Distanze che non percorro mai per una probabile carenza d`ossigeno, devo ancora imparare ...

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