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Canibus f Pakman

  • C True Hollywood Stories

    Yo whattup Pakman (Aiyyo whattup Bis, I`m waitin for the Rip Off man) Yo I just wanna know one thing (What`s that?) You ready to get that dough (No doubt) AIGHT!! [Chorus: Canibus + Pakman] We be the rippers that`ll bring if you act shady After we fry...

Gorillaz f D-12


    [Introduction] Gorillaz Back the fuck up D12 [Proof] There ain`t no trouble in rock (rock) On every block (block) Late for School, Late for Work But ahead of these cops (cops) My credit is shock, in the detinate box (box) Like, people take my life and...

Nathalie Cardone

  • Hasta Siempre

    Aprendimos a quererte Desde la historica altura Donde el sol de tu bravura Le puso un cerco a la muerte Aquн se queda la clara La entraсable transparencia De tu querida presencia Comandante Che Guevara Vienes quemando la brisa Con soles de primavera ...

Cappadonna f Lounge Mode, Pike, Remedy

  • We Got This

    [Intro: Pike] Yo, hold up, yo you know what.. S.I., Staten Island, niggaz, yo, yo [Pike] Ain`t no more talkin` money or fame I`m stalkin` this game, and when I`m done I`m stickin` the fork in this game and run clutchin` my gun Name P.I., place S.I., N...

Cut Father, Mad Child, Buc Fifty

  • Go For Mine

    (Cut Father)[Talking] Yeah, from the top..I dont think they know But as if you didnt know by now Ill Brothers, Swollen Members, (Buc Fifty),T2B Fam It never stop...Too many ducks in the game now Its about...time we evaporate all you muh`fuckers for rea...

GangStarr f Inspectah Deck

  • Above the Clouds

    It has come to our attention that a mysterious force is LOOSE.. somewhere in outer space. The mysteries of creation are there. Up in the sky? Up in the sky. The moon and the planets are there. And new hopes for knowledge and peace are there.

Cypress Hill f Kokane

  • Greed

    [*Kokane laughing*] [Kokane] People are so, so greedy Tired of fake homies, homies, homies (Why they hatin` on me) I don`t know what... (Y`all expect from me) In fact I`m tired of...

Ghostface Killah f The Delphonics, Raekw

  • After the Smoke is Clear

    Intro: Ghostface Killah, The Delphonics () (After the smoke is done) Yo Yeah (Tang-o-Phonics) yeah, what, what, who wanna do it, what (Number one) Slap fire outcha monkey ass niggas (After the smoke is done) word up, big dick, motherfucking house Wha...

Сергей Боханцев, Михаил Сипер

  • Фотографии друзей

    Музыка Сергея Боханцева

    Стихи Михаила Сипера

    Фотографии друзей моих

    На столе раскину полукругом,

    Пусть они проходят друг за другом,

    А я выпью что-нибудь за них,

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