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Tricky feat. Marlon and amp; Hawkman

  • Ace Of Spades

    Tricky: 1-2! 1-2! (whispered) 1-2 Marlon: What d’ya wanna be when you go out and be older? Think you betta be (a) hustler (or) baller? Do you really wanna look over your shoulder? Driving in the Lex, the Beamer? All I need is a little bit of weed...

Call O` Da Wild

  • Clouds of Smoke

    I manifest the `erbs essence When my life starts stressin me out and I see no way But I got hope like Bob, in fact I keep tracks and I packs in stacks for you new jacks I`m buildin with the gods on some vibin and now everyday I`m vibin, then I get lick...


  • Bajo En Serotonina

    Recordarй antes de morir
    las cartas que escribiу mamб.
    Las velas prendidas por mн,
    los zapatos que no pude amarrar.
    Recorrerй todo el jardнn
    y cantarй en Navidad.

    Rezarй antes de dormir
    y temerй a...

Tash feat. B-Real, Outkast and amp; Phil

  • Smokefest

    [Tash] Smoke this blunt Yo, everybody grab a seat, welcome to Smoke Fest `99 I`m glad you all could make it As you can see admission was free this Smoke Fest this year All the weed you see is free, but the blunts cost sixty bucksbaby (Sixty bucks??!!)...

C-Murder f Fiend

  • Cluckers

    Cluckers x24 [C-Murder] Throw me a shotgun nigga, lets get high tonight Oh god please, dont let a nigga die tonight I`m serving cluckers on the set, like 24-7 If I get killed, I know I`m not going to heaven I did too much dirt, commited too many sins ...

DJ Hixxy

  • Nightlife (Dougal And Gammer Remix)


    You cannot run, you cannot hide
    Nothing can stop as it grows inside
    It takes over your mind as the day turns to night
    From dusk through the dawn, until the first ray of light

Radio Iodine

  • All In My Head

    Was it all in my head, the ugly things, you said to me Now it`s all in my hands, do I want to be what you want me to be Tell me what would you do if I snapped you in two If I drove you into the ground Tell me what would you say if...

Brent Lamb

  • The Booger Song

    Verse 1

    I was sittin` in my car waitin` for the light to change
    When the guy next to me had his finger up his nose and his face
    was all deranged
    I rolled down the window and I started to chuckle
    His finger ...

Dany Brillant

  • Siffler Sur La Colline

    Laп laп laп laп laп, laп laп laп laп
    Laп laп laп laп laп, laп laп laп laп
    Oh oh, oh oh
    Oh oh, oh oh

    Je l`ai vu prиs d`un laurier, elle gardait ses blanches brebis
    Quand j`ai demandй d`oщ venait sa peau fraоch...

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