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Talib Kweli f Rubix

  • Millionaires

    [Rubix] Everyone is claiming riches The finest bitches Lexus` and Land`s driving `round without a plan Everyone wants to go buck But can you plant some food for yourself When the land is looking rough? This is the life Equivanlent of the real Don`t li...

G.P. Wu f Dark Skinned Assassin

  • Blow Up

    All my brothers (what) Let the world know it`s hot 9-7 (what) Shaolin take it to the top All the ladies (oowww) Show some love sugar, it`s on tonight Keepin the party tight aiiight [Pop The Brown Hornet] I be the one to break through your barrier Bomb...

Сергей Бальцер

  • Акварель

    Сергей Бальцер


    Я возьму однажды кисть, акварель,

    D7 Hm7

    нарисую я зелёную ель,


    фиолетовый закат, синий дым,

Enrique Iglesias Kelis

  • Not in love

    Are you ready? You call me on the phone I act like nothings going on We`re drivng in my car I pretend that you don`t turn me on Ah ah ah you sexy thing Yeah you know it yeah Ah ah ah you move around now you show it I`m not in love It`s just a faze th...

Jon B f Cuban Link

  • All I Want is You

    [Jon B] (Cuban Link) Hey, they`re playing our song again I like it when you make it bounce your healthy body Sticky wet, when you do that thing (do that thing) Love, they give you lines full of game supreme Trying too hard to get you on they team That...

T-Mac f Baby (Big Tymers)

  • Millionaire Playa`s

    (Baby) (T-Mac) 50 ain`t shit, shoot the dice lil` daddy Yeah nigga`, 263, Cash Money 50 ain`t shit, shoot the dice lil` daddy That shit to the death on the for-reala` 50 ain`t shit, shoot the dice lil` daddy Playboy, hell of shit, that shit gravy...

Golden State Warriors

  • Bounce, Rock, Golden State

    West, South Central [Verse 1: Ras Kass] If money ain`t foldin` homie I`m not rollin` Talk a gang of shit, spit out my colon Rip Dog and Non-Affiliated made us, we dirt Make you wanna go to the swap meet and buy a white t-shirt What`s a G worth The tur...

Ghetto Twiinz f 2-4, G-Mone

  • Bout That Gangsta Gangsta

    Intro: [G-Mone of A-G-2-A-Ke] You be bout gangsta shit We be bout gangsta shit Hehe, uhh, hehehehehehehe We gangstas Nigga hehehehehehe Verse 1: [T.L.T & Mz G.B of Ghetto Twiinz] Better grab your shit bitch It`s gonna be some gangsta shit I take ya ha...


  • Can My Soul Fly Free

    Sunrise will come slowly What do you think and Dream? Where are you going with your head? Another day in your pain... There is a thing in my head That makes me so sad and strange...

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