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Nowhere Fast

  • How Could The Girl Of My Dreams Be A Les

    I looked at her, she looked at me above her cover of Seventeen. An angel in disguise, she was. One look at her, and I fell in love. Hoping that she`d talk to me, giddy as a boy could be. She got up and walked away. So I followed her home that day.

Roisin Murphy Boris Dlugosch

  • Never enough

    Do you belong to what you`re hanging on to? Are you caught in a loop? What is wrong with you? You keep making do Have you given up on hope? I could be your antidote Are you lost in a state of anxiety? Just let it be Excuse me, please I`m just...

Artis: M.C. Shan

  • I Pioneered This

    [ VERSE 1 ] The way I shine, I got splendor I`m the real thing and not a pretender You get the nerve to pop the fatal question I`m takin the time to make a small suggestion Bite or woof, you found is conveniency Rappers I serve without mercy or lenienc...

E-40 f Eightball, Jazze Pha

  • Loyalty and Betrayal

    Say playboy, whatchu know about Jazze Pha, big E-Feezy 40 Fonzarelli from the Bay, and big `Ball? PLEASE BELIEVE IT! [Chorus: Jazze Pha] Niggaz must be blind.. Or that hoe must got yo` mind.. You niggaz must be blind..

Artists: 3X Krazy f Yukmouth, Dru Down,

  • Pistols Blazin

    Ha, ha. Eh, eh, eh, eh. Get out my face. Check it. Mobb shit bitch. Lynch Mobb mane. Eh, eh. The Lu-Lun-iz 3 Times me Ager Man Bart Let me turn up the heat man Dig it the M.O.B. baby. I`m so hurt!! Fa sheezy. Fa sheez.

The GeniusGZA (w Method Man, RZA)

  • Liquid Swords

    Intro: RZA Yo [yeah] Check it out son, check it out son Yo, [Wu, can I get a soo] live in the place to be You got the capital G G to the A-M-C Givin a mad shout out to the Ranch Crew from the old school And we gonna take y`all back, knowhatI`msayin? L...

Александр Вербицкий

  • А вы слегка свой взгляд набросите на меня...

    Александр Вербицкий

    А вы слегка свой взгляд набросите на меня,

    Невзначай о чём-то спросите, интонацией звеня,

    Невзначай свой локон свесите у моей щеки...

    Знаю-знаю - так кла...

Nocturnal Hustlers f Dre Dog (Andre Nick

  • Honeycomb

    [Andre Nickatina] I`m such a diamond back sparrow Illegal drugs in a barrel After shootin` cupid with his own arrow Makin` noise like SLOT machines And when I CLOCK this cream I`ma get up in your mind Rap, GLOCKS, n thangs And crash the party like the ...

Trick Daddy f Society

  • America

    [Trick Daddy] `Posed to be... Land of the free I don`t see how Count me in Uh America Oh America Ha-ha-ha America (America) Sweet land of liberty y`all I`m doing this one for the struggle And every bad doin` brotha Sista, daddy and mother Who livin` i...

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