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  • 100 Sheisty`s

    [Sugar J] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yo Check me out, yo This is J `Sug`, yo I know you been around the world, man I don`t fuck wit` the sheisty niggas I don`t fuck wit` the sheisty hoes I done did it all, nigga [Loon] Yo, what would make...


  • Another Theory Shot To Shit

    from the hand of a government man came these papers came these signs came these good things from this machinery hums come oiled and whirling fast, strong tightness, meshing meshing forever (pert near) steel gear inside gear a nd ...

Nas f Bravehearts

  • God`s Son

    * send corrections to the typist Braveheart for life (*sample - repeated 8x* Z-z-z-zone Out) So y`all wit me? Yea, What, Yea Why don`t y`all blast on these niggas, man Tuck in your chain put your watch in your pocket Here come the Braveheart straig...


  • 2 Real

    (bun b) I always wanted to be the biggest man in somethin Had to find my place But the world can leave a foul taste on the tongue Had to dodge a case Had to dodge a bullet And the nigga that tried to pull it The streets is ...

Aaron Neville

  • A Hard Nut To Crack

    I play the game of the modern romeo but never in my life did I see
    A woman as square as a pool table and twice as green
    I gave you all of my money and all of my loving too
    But now you`re goin` around just a telling everybody...

Big Tymers

  • #1

    Chorus (2x):(Mannie Fresh) All the niggas was, buck, buckin` in the crowd And all the ladies was, scream, screamin` out loud Go number 1 Brian, Baby, Bizzy, Bubba Go number 1 Old ig-nant motherfucker Verse 1: (Baby) (Come on, you ridin` this dick) Yo,...

Crucial Conflict

  • 1 900 Off Your Square

    Special bulletin from Rall Dope Records
    Have you been feelin` like a laim? Have you been plaid by bitch?
    Do niggas mass up at tou when you come around? Does your car
    straight bustin` out with flat tires every day? If you `ve...


  • His Grace Is Great!

    Heavenly Father,why don`t you come on down cuz I need you right now, things juss ain`t going right, something goin on with my olelife, please understand, my life is a melody, music is my whole life, I make no demands, take nothing away from, I`m juss g...

Muggs f Kool G. Rap

  • Muggs Presents Soul Assassins II

    This one is for my people in the street and six feet baby... watch yourself kid, the jakes be deep and on the creep now... what the deal, this ones for my duns thats upstate doin` bids... stay reppin` Queens with infra-red beams...

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