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  • Ven Michu Michu

    Ven michu michu que quiero jugar
    No te hagas rogar ven que te voy a dar
    Lechecita calientita pa` que duermas
    Si es que quieres ven y arrimate a mis piernas
    Ven pa` acariciarte no seas uraсa michu
    Quiero sobarte que ...

Henri Padovani

  • Cry Of Angels

    Cherubims of angels flashing `cross the sky bringing forth a warning Don`t let your freedom die Hear those trumpets blasting down the walls of Jericho Stand up and be counted Let your masters know that we won`t let them take away ...

Rappin` Ron and Ant Diddley Dog

  • You Ain`t Heard Shit Yet

    [Ant Diddley Dog] Yeah, I hope your motherfucking eardrums is ready for this Bad N-Fluenz in the motherfuckin` house Finna kick some shit for all the niggas who think they be flowing I`m about to introduce my young partner, so kick back ...


  • Hдnderna Pе Tдcket

    Kanske tror du jag gеr runt och цser komplimanger
    Hдnger цver blonda hеr pе alla restauranger
    Nеt jag inte skulle gцra
    det lеter faktiskt helt befдngt
    Inga skott har brunnit och inga skepp har jag sдnkt


Henry Fiat`s Open Sore

  • (Proud To Be The) Black Sheep

    My clitoris is cold Me and my penis wanna heat it up The show has stopped I don`t care I need a drink More dope For me, for you, yeah for all of us Proud to be the black sheep Let`s hang around the dirt Old alcoholics i...

AP.9 f Messy Marv

  • Millitary Mindstate

    * send corrections to the typist [Messy Marv] -=talkin=- Yeah this young Mess man, tulf politickin` Understand, Out here in the concrete jungle Young gorillas Man war time man With millitary mindstate AP.9, In stores now go get that man Steady Mobbin`...

A f Q-Tip

  • Me & My Microphone

    Yeah son Im the true son What you wanna do son Yo this a story about me and my first love nah mean? Yeah son hit it off We hooked up at a party it been then ever since When I first stepped to her I was nervous and tense Didnt know was bout to kick, I...

Grupo Innovacion

  • Quiero Saber De Ti

    Ahora que te vuelvo a encontrar sonrio de nuevo.
    La luz de la bella ciudad nos unio.
    Y este amor que un dia se fue lejos.

    Nunca es tarde para empezar
    te sigo queriedo.
    Y quiero saber si tu amor no murio.

Alchemist f Prodigy

  • My Priorities

    Working late tonight doctor..? [Intro] Oh yeah, we here That`s right, man, my niggas Light that shit up, light that shit up, oh yeah Check the bottle is cracked at It`s been live for the homies, that`s R.I.P.

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