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Roy Jones Jr. f Magic, Swells

  • You a Freak

    [Hook] She wore her hip huggers for me so I could see her thong Just made 21 she got it goin on Slow it down ma You a freak huh Slow it down ma You a freak huh She gave me the phone number Told me to come over So we could put a stain on her mama`s sofa...

E.S.G. and Slim Thug f H.A.W.K.

  • Watch Out

    [Chorus] Watch out Boss Hogg is coming through We holding it down (hold it down baby) And everybody that`s running they mouth We gon shut y`all down, shut y`all down All my thugs and my g`s who paid they dues This year we gon shine And everybody that`s...

King Kong

  • Remember

    Remember how we used to sit and talk it`s over now and all my feelings in my chest for you they`re gone somehow I look at you you look at me we both understand Everything has to come to an end....

RZA f Cilvaringz

  • You`ll Never Know

    [Intro: RZA] One-two, one-two Mic check, one-two, one-two (You don`t know, that I really love you) Yo, yo, You`ll Never Know Check me out (You don`t know, that I really love you) Yo, yo, yo [RZA] I love you like how birds love rose petals, Killarmy lo...

King Konga

  • Addicted to You

    Please excuse my respiraton, You beauty makes it a little hard for me to breathe. Although Im too polite to ask you to stay, Im a little too lonely to ask you to leave. And Ive been watching you all this while.

Ruff Ryders f Eve

  • Ruff Ryders Vol. 3: In `R` We Trust

    * send corrections to the typist (I`m sittin down in da corner,chillin wit all my boys mr.biggs is in the house..) (chorus 1) you, me, and she what we gonna do baby, baby (get at the party, city of venis) (eve) i did it to myself, couldn`t help the...

Why Store

  • All My Life

    All my life I can dream of you All my life I can dream of you Dark clouds The woods and the rain The lonely boy He never sleeps Free fall Turning round Will he land On his feet, yeah Well I can see A fool in the rain Never getting...

E-40 f The Mossie, Mo Mo

  • Wa La

    [Chorus 2x] Mo Mo/ the Mossie: Twenty Three`s on my truck (Wa La) With the Louie in the cup (Wa La) We doin` baller shit boy (Wa La) (baller Shit boy) Candy paint on them toys [E-40] Out the gate roll a seven on the dice (Wa La) Spend a Half` a hundre...

TLC f J.D., Craig Mack

  • Kick Your Game (So So Def Remix)

    [JD] Yes, uh So So Def And Laface collaboration Check it T-Boz rock on Left Eye rock on Chili rock on Craig Mack on [Craig Mack] Ha, bang, bang, bang at your door Some are real raw shit`s breaking law Hands in the air if you don`t care I know MC`s out...

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