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Ali Vegas f Sleepy Eyes

  • Generation Gap

    *samples Capone-N-Noreaga - Invincible from album The Reunion* [Hook] The invincible untouchable Ali Vegas y`all You ain` ain`t ready yet The invincible untouchable Sleepy Eyes You ain` ain`t ready yet [Ali Vegas] Ayo it`s a stick up Y`...

overnight jones

  • continental

    Date: Sun, 16 Jun 1996 22:06:42 -0700 From: Simon Whitaker CONTINENTAL By Overnight Jones (Ex The Warner Brothers) ------------------------ VERSE 1 G Em C D We parted company at the railwa...

Ras Kass, Heltah Skeltah, Canibus

  • Rhyme & Reason soundtrack

    [Canibus] I pulverize MC`s and blow up mics From street corner cyphers to international web sites I`ll run up on you and set it for no reason My flows are like body-blows that cause internal bleeding Cause I`m the baddest motherfucker, above average W...

RZA f Christ Bearer, Prodigal Sunn

  • Unleash Me

    [RZA] Yo, sting of the dragon master, one blow make your jaw shatter Have you walk around with your face wrapped in plaster Gaspin`.......

Churchills, The

  • The Wrong Side of Bed

    (Bart Schoudel)

    Me liking you is not likely to be true anytime soon
    Staring at me won`t make me believe that I want you around
    Looking at me it`s easy to see that you`re bringin me down

    I try to get it in to...

Eightball and MJG f Twista

  • In the Middle of the Night

    (Twista) Damn what happens when the Twista gets high in the Suave House Y`all motherfuckers know who this is Here`s some mack shit (Twista) Ooh, I can feel a reefer crawl in me all in me Swooping through the hood where mostly ballas be Steady hearing ...

overstreet paul

  • Head Over Heels

    We broke each other`s heart last night We both were losers in a fight Did we finally cross that borderline And go a little bit too far this time I know I said some things that really hurt But you made me feel like I was dirt I can...

Thug Life f Nate Dogg

  • How Long Will They Mourn Me?

    [2Pac] How long will they mourn me? Yeah! This for my nigga Kato, it`s still on nigga - believe that We live a Thug Life, Thugs for Life, ha ha (How long will they mourn me?) We handle this shit for you bwoy Yeah nigga..

Esham f Dead Boy

  • Therapy

    [Dead Boy] Yeah,this muthafuckin Dead boy up in this bitch Yo,got my muthafuckin nigga Esham ready to kick this shit for you hoes [Esham] Walkin on the flatlines fumblin with the razor blade Rumblin with the ace of spade is where the wicket rhymes are...

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