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The High and Mighty f Cage

  • In-Outs

    Ah ladies and gentlemen, you`re smut peddlers again We`re going back to our roots We are porn again..

Atrist: Snoop Doggy Dogg

  • Hooked

    Talking: Hey yo, Soopafly These niggaz act like they don`t know my motherfuckin` name (gangsta) Hmm...ain`t that a trip Now I put half these niggaz on (ain`t that something) Chorus: Snoop D-O double G (from the DP) Talking: Niggaz wasn`t even rapping...

Roscoe f LaToiya Williams

  • It`s That Time Again

    [Intro] Yeah... Roscoe (Tabasco) Soopafly on the track It`s real big tonight (How big is it?) Soopa` big C`mon [Chorus: LaToiya Williams] It`s that time again, we in the place to be Hands in the air, if you really wanna party I`ll take you there Every...


  • Holiday Pay

    Happy new year, fuck that, ain`t shit new Every year same cops trying to knock my crew January 15 go to MLK Had to nearly come to gun just to get that day February, only presidents that represent me Is M-1 and my nigga S-T-I-C And St.

Андрей Сорокач

  • Ах, этот листопад, кого он так любил...

    Андрей Сорокач

    Ах, этот листопад, кого он так любил,

    Кого он так искал, кого боготворил!

    Напрашивался в гости непрошеным звонком

    И душу бередил, как колокольный звон.

AllFrumThaI f Boo Kapone, CJ Mac, The Co

  • AllFrumThaI

    * send corrections to the typist Westside!!!! Ey, nigga Westside (Verse 1 -Boo Kapone) My nigga Bink got my back, Nigga Squeak got the gat Whan I`m faded off some `yak When I`m peelin niggas cap, nigga Fools talk about L.A., L.A.

Trina f Deuce Poppi

  • I Wanna Holla

    (Hook) Deuce: Hey mami, I wanna holla Trina: Uh uh, no way papi, I got my own dollars Deuce: What, mami you lookin like my new baby mama Trina: Ah, papichulo, I see you all you want is mami chulo So, I`m straight Deuce: Hey mami (Deuce) I`...

Ant Banks f Baby D, B-Legit, MC Ant, Mee

  • Big Thangs

    (B-Legit) Yeah, wussup though This ya`ll partner B-Legezey In the house wit my boy Ant Bezey The boy say he doin` big thezey`s Ya know But shake game though When the next time you do a compilation And ain`t got your partner B-Legit On the motherfucker ...

Don Miguelo

  • Cuarto Gomas

    Las mujeres se la estбn luciendo
    por andar paseando en cola
    coje ahora en cuatro gomas
    aunque sea un corolla

    Una mujer:
    Ella es una mama seductora
    prende mas rбpido que se devora

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