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Afu-Ra f Rasheedah

  • Body of the Life Force

    [Intro: Rasheedah] Desfrutar de ti Hmm, oh, yeah yeah yeah Oh, oh [Afu-Ra] You know I`m comin though hotter, drip sweat meltin ya collar Afu-Ra takin care like I`m ya father Some call me papa, through I`m rollin wit the rastas Straight up and down, I`...

Royce Da 5`9 f Pharrell, Tre` Little

  • Off Parole

    [Royce talking w/ (Pharrell)] Be quiet (Yeah) I know what you thinking (Yeah) Who the hell is that (Yeah) You in the club minding ya own business (Yeah) And out of nowhere you here this (Yeah) How you supposed to act (Yeah) Neptunes (Yeah) Royce 5`9 (Y...


  • Chaotic Reality

    Powerfull nations
    Planning the future of all being
    With the only intent
    Of self benefitIt`s clear they don`t find
    Any difficulty to realize it
    Cause there is no reaction from the plebe
    It`s depressing to get t...

Lost Boyz w Pete Rock

  • Legal Drug Money/America Is Dying Slowly

    Intro: [whistling] Shorty!! Shorty!! Shorty c`mere baby girl! (I like what I see) This go out to erybody man, a little station identification And we call this one for all y`all, who be going to buy...

Magic System

  • Premier Gaou

    C`est dans ma galиre que la go Antou m`a quittй oh ah {x4}

    Quand j`avais un peu
    Matin midi soir
    On йtй ensemble
    A la rue Princesse
    Aux mille maquis
    Santos payait les poulets
    L`argent est fini


  • cajun moon

    Tabbed by Fredrik Koller Lund ( Cajuun Moon From Okie 3rd album. Recorded in Ebminor Arranged in Dminor Intro: Dm G Dm A7 G m G Dm Cajun moon_ where does your power lie_? as you move_...

Lexicon f Takbir (Styles of Beyond)

  • Years and Years

    [Verse One] I think I`m gonna snap one of these days One of these days, I`ma snap into a rage, in half I think I`m gonna snap somebody, for real I feel I gotta slap somebody And I don`t know, if I`m losin my patience or the world`s gettin more difficul...


  • dainava

    Dainava by Oktetas E----------------------------------------------------- B-----------------3----------------------------------- G--4--2--0--0--4-----0--0--4--4--4--4--5--4--2-------- D----------------------------------------------------- A----------...

rtist: Bowtie f Kool G. Rap, La the Dark

  • Pain in Many Forms

    [Intro: Bowtie] Yo, yo, check, check, haha, check Yo, the millennium is graced for a thousand years, baby Youknawhatimean? It`s La the Darkman, skilthy rich July Six, on the hits, you knawmean? Tell these niggas, how the pain really go down out here in...

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